Culture – Confined with … David Dumain, MotoGP commentator –


Confined with … David Dumain, MotoGP commentator

Culture - Confined with ... David Dumain, MotoGP commentator -

What are the main players in the motorcycle world doing during the lockdown linked to the Covid-19 pandemic? David Dumain, MotoGP commentator on Canal +, producer, journalist and author, spoke to Journal moto du Net.

MNC: Where are you confined ?

David Dumain : I have been at home in Chatenay-Malabry since the start of confinement, with my partner and my son.

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MNC: How are your days going? ?

D. D. : I don’t really have a typical day, I like to vary the pleasures and the work. During the confinement my work was different, but my pace remained the same.

MNC: What do you miss the most? The least ?

D. D. : The lack of freedom seemed alienating to me … I missed a lot of things during this confinement, starting with the freedom to move, but also to ride a motorcycle. What I missed the least are the radars !

MNC: What are you afraid of ?

D. D. : I followed the instructions for the sake of others, as I do when I drive. I’m not afraid for my health, it was never my compass.

MNC: A book, a film, a series, a record to recommend ?

D. D. : The book "20 Extraordinary Motorcycle Stories" (which he has just published at Aide Mémoires Editions with Gabrielle Poughon, Editor’s note), the film "Parasite", the series "Le Bureau des Légendes" and on record, an old Johnny Cash…

MNC: Your Favorite Motorcycle Video ?

D. D. : Not a week goes by that I don’t watch one. And regularly that of, which remains in my favorites.

MNC: The first thing you will do at the end of the lockdown ?

D. D. : I take the handlebars of my Tracer again and I take a trip anywhere. I’ll stay confined in my own way, in my helmet, but at least I’ll have my nose to the wind !

Interview by Eric MICHEL

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