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Fair trade version Atelier du Roule-Always

Antoine Barraud has nestled his Atelier du Roule-Always in a corner of Maisons-Alfort, a stone’s throw from the Paris ring road. And what prevails here is the "biker" atmosphere.

Antoine Barraud has nestled his studio in a corner of Maisons-Alfort, a stone’s throw from the Paris ring road.

What prevails here is the "biker" atmosphere. When you pick up your phone, the familiarity with Antoine happened so quickly that you wonder why we hadn’t come before.


"We are mechanics with a large stock of parts that go back to the 1970s models, so there are a lot of people who are far from the dealerships and ask us for things to patch up their motorcycles themselves.", explains Antoine."It is also for this reason that I created an online store on. The guy who comes there finds service. He can even ask me questions directly through the site and I’m about to start a blog".

"Two-bullet snobbery"

Why did you choose BMW, and not Honda or Ducati? "BMs are classic motorcycles that can be compared to Guzzi, at least for the old ones with in addition, a solidity foolproof", Antoine replies."With the K series, we have even achieved very solid results. I am thinking for example of the K 100 LT from 1988. Then, they lost some of their charm", he estimates by shooting some banderillas on the current spirit of the Bavarian firm:"if you are a single brand, it is for natural reasons of ease, but we have no illusions about BMW! The current spirit of concessions, with its elitist side and "double-barreled snobbery", is wanted by Germany. They don’t want to bother with people who have no money because, in fact, the money has to come in quickly! At the mechanical level, with their new 1200s, their in-house engineers have finally succeeded in inventing the most terrible thing there is: the intelligent motor. I mean by that that they coded them and that, apart from the concessions, no salvation because only the computers of the head office, via Internet, can regulate them. Goodbye the little mechanic! What progress"…

Winner, winner

The boss of "Roule Always" nevertheless denies becoming "the champion of lost causes: we also do not have a bell that would be the buckler (Editor’s note, the one who says out loud what others think quietly) of old bikers or purists who vomit Japanese women". Antoine has indeed his idea of ​​quality:"I am in a kind of "fair trade" approach, where the customer wins and we too at the same time"he explains.

Like good coffee, in short. Moreover, if you cannot read the "Bavarian" coffee grounds to choose or maintain your teutonic, go to Maisons-Alfort !


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