Culture – Manx Grand Prix 2014: Momo’s wonderful tale –

Manx Grand Prix 2014: Momo’s wonderful tale

Culture - Manx Grand Prix 2014: Momo's wonderful tale -

Like our three-time French rally champion Julien Toniutti, Morgan Govignon has just taken part in his first Manx GP. On the site of his Moto Club Fleur de Lys, "Momo" kept a logbook, must read…

Like our Julien Toniutti, Morgan Govignon has just participated in his first Manx GP. On the site of his Moto Club Fleur de Lys, "Momo" held a must-read…

Very young, Morgan Govignon was rocked – or rather awake! – by the howls of Mike Hailwood’s Honda RC166 recorded during the Tourist Trophy in 1966. He is not the only one, you will tell us … But this kid has more ideas !

After discovering the "famous" Mountain Circuit aboard the family sidecar (with mom, dad and brother), the 11-year-old boy decides that he too will ride there one day! 17 years later, the calculation engineer – by profession – still a fan of motorbikes, motorcycles and motorbikes (!) And president of the, kept his word.

And not content with taking part in his first race on the Isle of Man – who will perhaps call others? -, the guy has found the time to share his fabulous experience with his friends … and in style! Certainly, it is "neither Baudelaire, nor Fast and Furious", he warns in the introduction.

"" is neither great literature nor mainstream entertainment. It is not either an ode to speed, to the Isle of Man or to the motorbike … It is simply lived experience … or almost.

"There is nothing more stupid than going around in circles on a circuit, even if it is mythical …", Momo quite rightly blurted out. "But whether you want to be a hairdresser, an astronaut, a ballet dancer or just have a beautiful garden, it doesn’t matter as long as it only has one goal: to make you happy".

"What I wrote to you is that it’s not always going to be easy. That you’ll be scared, hurt, or both. That it will take time, but that the sixties at the awards ceremony yesterday told me have proven that it is never too late. That there are no heroes, just scraps of flesh and bones that do not have enough time on this earth to indulge in sadness, fatality".

Recommended by Julien Toniutti – who by the way finished 10th in the Junior race on August 26th! – and now by Site, reading this slice of life – which gives pride of place to motorcycle racing, rest assured – will be a treat for all … and a source of inspiration for some? This is Momo’s wish. The excellent Momo !

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