Culture – Suzuki GSX-R: the myth celebrates its 25 years! – 2001-2009: a new bomb with the GSX-R 1000!


Suzuki GSX-R: the myth celebrates its 25 years !

Culture - Suzuki GSX-R: the myth celebrates its 25 years! - 2001-2009: a new bomb with the GSX-R 1000!

Suzuki celebrates the 25th anniversary of its prestigious line of GSX-R, initiated in 1985 with the revolutionary 750 and followed by many variations. Flash back to the GSX-R saga, the most iconic motorcycle from the manufacturer of Hamamatsu !

2001-2009: a new bomb with the GSX-R 1000 !

Scathing response of Hamamatsu’s coat of arms to the Yamaha YZF R1, the GSX-R 1000 made its appearance in 2001 by overseeing a range made up of the 600 and the "historic" 750.

With 160 hp, 170 kg dry and tractor torque (110 Nm at 8,400 rpm), the first “Gex 1000” violently pulls the nascent Hypersport category upwards. It immediately left its mark on the endurance world championship and SERT won the 2001, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 titles..

Incredibly efficient at low and mid-range – where the competition often relies on power at the top of the tachometer – the GSX-R 1000 is in itself a true ode to Suzuki’s talent as a motorist! Refined in 2003 (164 hp and 168 kg) to continue the relentless fight for the best weight / power ratio between the four Japanese manufacturers, the Gex underwent a major overhaul in 2005.

This 2005 vintage will be very popular with GSX-R 1000 enthusiasts, especially for the elasticity and character of its in-line four-cylinder engine. Suzuki also wins its first (and only) World Superbike title with the Australian Troy Corser.

In 2007, the Hamamatsu bomb evolves again and uses advanced technologies to stay on the page: the "K7" is equipped with enlarged intake and exhaust ducts, titanium valves and an injection with double butterflies controlling injectors with twelve holes. Supercharged, the 2007 GSX-R develops 185 hp and 116.7 Nm of torque !

With a double exhaust outlet, three programmable injection maps on the handlebars – a first in the category – and a slightly "Goldorack" design, this vintage surprises regulars hunting for grams with its weight increase of six kilos (172 kg dry). The beauty is no less a reference and is placed in the top of Hypersports sales thanks to its unbeatable quality / price ratio (13,699 euros).

Finally, the latest addition to this fantastic lineage, the 2009 GSX-R (read our) has received great attention: lighter and more manoeuvrable, the K9 is also more torquey and benefits from a significant upgrade in terms of circuit efficiency.

Always so obvious – but a bit less comfortable – to drive on the road, this Gex 1000 also presents a quality of realization flattering the retina for a price still as attractive (another specialty of Suzuki) and leading performances..

Forced to postpone the launch of the new 2010 GSX-R 600 and 750 due to the economic crisis, Suzuki can undoubtedly derive legitimate pride in celebrating the 25th anniversary of its GSX-R saga. For the occasion, the Japanese manufacturer has developed a site exclusively dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the GSX-R: which offers a lot of information, photos and a very nice "anniversary" video..

A "commemoration" that will certainly interest all those who crack, crack or crack (cross out the unnecessary mention!) For the magic distilled by these four letters: G, S, X, R…

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