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Team 202: the cops wring the handle !

Although it is now obtaining very good results, Team 202 is first and foremost an adventure of friends, of friends from the Paris Police Prefecture gathered under the leadership of Fred Willery.

On March 25 and 26, Team 202 placed, for its first official outing, one of its pilots, Florent Parret, on the handlebars of a special HP2 (fork cut in the mass with double disc in particular), in 6th place the scratch (3rd in its category) of the Rallye de la Sarthe (read).

All under a downpour. Nice shot !


Although it obtains very good results, Team 202 is first and foremost an adventure of friends. Pals from the Paris Police Prefecture, the famous "PP". It is also the envy of a man, Fred Willery: this quadra with white hair is the chief mechanic of the motorcycle park of the PP. He is also one of the focal points of the Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the National Police (FCMPN), an organization bringing together thirteen regional clubs and 4,500 members, including 800 in Paris alone. FCMPN, 100% police but not 100% BMW, is a solid organization.

Motorcycle and rugby

Fred Willery, an accomplished sportsman, embarked on the first Moto Tour in 2003 (read). Alone : "I said to myself banco and I prepared an R 1100 S with which I finished in the 100", he recalls."It was good child and besides, everyone made fun of me because I kept breaking my motorcycle !"The machine, now on display at Arcueil Motor, is absolutely beautiful in its gray-black livery.

A silver fern under the saddle betrays Fred’s second passion: rugby. This symbol, attached to the black tone of the bike, is none other than the logo of the All Blacks, the best "fellows" that are in oval … We wonder if Fred does not sing the "hakka" under the integral before the start of the races, as he seems to have the "win" written in his genes !

Once the Moto Tour 2003 is completed, Fred starts 2004 again with new ambitions. Previously, he founded Team 202 which mainly depends on the CMPN Paris. "It is above all a bunch of friends who are raving for the competition ‘", he explains."It started with us, from the technical services of the Prefecture, and I have good support from my hierarchy. We are all between 30 and 40 years old". BMW France provided him with his first official support in 2004 (read), the year in which he offered a handlebar to a New Zealand pilot (again rugby!).

In 2005, the team was structured with five officials: Florent Parret often entered the 20s and finished 21st in the Moto Tour in the Experts category (read).

Finally this year, BMW France is making it its official team for the Moto Tour, which in the meantime has become a big media event..

Five for the win !

From September 22 to October 1, from Reims to Toulon, there will be five to drive: "Florent plays the win on his HP2", specifies Fred who, him, will run on a 1200 GS. Will join in the fight Frédéric Bert, instructor trainer at the Police academy, also on a 1200 GS. But it will also be necessary to count on a girl, Barbara Mars on an HP2, and on Benoît Salzard, 3rd last year in the Monos category, who inherits an F 650. "He was my mechanic from the first Moto Tour"specifies Fred.

"Police guys are all passionate people who ride motorcycles in civilian life and are ready for the big attack", comments for his part Alain Berson, boss of Arcueil Motor (read) … The competitors of the Moto Tour 2006 have been warned !


File produced by Pierre SYLVESTRE

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