Culture – The Ninja saga celebrates 25 years! – At the origins of the Ninja myth …


The Ninja saga celebrates 25 years !

Culture - The Ninja saga celebrates 25 years! - At the origins of the Ninja myth ...

In 25 years of career, Kawasaki Ninja sports cars have largely contributed to forging this reputation for performance which has made the success of the Akashi brand. From the first GPZ900R in 1984 to the ZX-6R 2009, Site looks back at the Ninja legend !

The origins of the Ninja myth…

Released in 1984, the Kawasaki Ninjas are arguably among the most adored motorcycles of the screaming four-cylinder. And 25 years later, despite the repression, the cost of gasoline and insurance, this success cannot be denied! Vulgar "details" that the most ardent sports enthusiasts continue to sweep away with a glove – racing, the glove! – for the sole pleasure of riding these motorcycles with devilish performance !

Because if Akashi’s crest does not have the power of its neighbors Honda and Yamaha, sport and performance have always held a preponderant place in the philosophy and history of the brand … as well as in the heart of his clients !

The oldest of our readers, moreover, always gladly shed an emotional tear at the mention of the legendary 750 H2 … However, if at the time the fabulous two-stroke three-cylinder 74 hp did not receive the ‘Ninja’ name, the motorcycle remains one of the most extraordinary sports of the last thirty years, which lays the foundations for Kawa sports production..

Twelve years later, with its many successes in competition – yes, times are changing, as Bob would say – Kawasaki unveils its new range of modern sports cars whose name alone sets the tone: Ninja! The Greens then lift the veil on a spooky motorcycle for the time: the Ninja GPZ900R! With 115 hp and 87 Nm of torque, the GPZ begins the manufacturer’s saga in style: the first production motorcycle to cross the 250 km / h barrier, it won the Tourist Trophy in 1984 as a bonus..

The legend is launched and Kawasaki sports cars continue to forge this reputation as sulphurous, joussive and delicate animals to tame – at the time, we speak of "men’s motorcycles"! – which will capsize a good number of enthusiasts. Declined in 600 (1985) then in 500 (1988), the GPZ was a huge commercial success before welcoming the ZXR-750 into the Ninja family in 1989.

At that time, the "four Japanese full of future" are already pulling the fluff that still opposes them today, with great blows of alluring technical sheets and over-vitaminized engines. A real replica of the ZX-7R entered in competition, the ZXR-750 (Stinger in France) is Kawasaki’s response to the new regulations limiting the displacement of four-legged to 750 cc in Endurance and Superbike events..

Sharp design for the time, light alloy frame and power exceeding 105 hp for 205 kg dry: the ZXR-750 is intended to be a barely moderated racing motorcycle! In 1994, Kawasaki went further and launched the formidable ZX-9R in an attempt to replicate the Honda 900 CBR.

With its rebored 134 hp ZXR-750 engine, the "9R" is not necessarily one of the most efficient machines in production. From 1998, the Greens therefore completely review their copy and give birth to a beast that will mark the spirits by its line and whose figures make you dizzy: 144 hp for 189 kg dry! In 2002, Kawasaki refines this model one last time before turning to the future "premier class" of road sports cars: the 1000 cc…

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