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TPG, a strange shareholder

Texas Pacific Group, Ducati’s main shareholder, is one of the largest US investment funds and remains a mystery…

Texas Pacific Group, Ducati’s main shareholder (33% stake), is one of the largest US investment funds.

Of Texan origin, its equity is estimated at around 7 billion dollars, of which 30 to 40% is destined for the European market. It is led by David Bonderman, a mysterious Texan businessman who gives very few interviews and who, like any investment fund, never reveals the identity of his partners..


However, he advises oil companies and is said to help fund political parties in the United States. TPG, which never takes full control of the businesses in which it invests, has championed the takeover of distressed distribution companies, airlines, luxury brands (like Ducati) and high-end companies. technology.

In addition to the attempts to take over Piaggio which were loaned to it in 1999, TPG has made a name for itself in cases relating to sensitive technologies, notably in France. Thus, after investing in Gemplus, the world leader in smart cards based near Marseille, TPG appointed Alex Mandl, a man closely linked to the CIA, as its head. At the end of 2003, the fund then "debauched" as head of TPG in France Bernard Attali, twin brother of Jacques, Enarque, former president of GAN and Air France. So many influences in perspective !


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