Culture – [Video] A brief history of the Colleda CO, the first Suzuki motorcycle – Used SUZUKI


[Video] A little history of the Colleda CO, the first Suzuki motorcycle

Culture - [Video] A brief history of the Colleda CO, the first Suzuki motorcycle - Used SUZUKI

Readers of Site – who, as everyone knows, are a little more cultured than others – know that in 1951, Suzuki was a company renowned for its … looms! But do you know why that same year, the founder’s son had the idea of ​​making a motorcycle ?

The video Suzuki just posted on its official YouTube channel reveals how Shunzo Suzuki, Michio‘s son and director of the Hamamatsu firm, decided one – very – beautiful day in 1951, to be start in the production of motorcycles…

As early as 1937, the company – then specialized in looms – had started developing a car. Unfortunately, World War II had swept away the project. So it’s more than ten years later, pedaling against the wind – having a hard time! – on his bike, that the second president of the company wanted to develop a motorized two-wheeler accessible to all.

With their expertise in precision mechanics, the engineers succeeded in just one year in designing the "Power Free", a 36 cc 2-stroke bicycle. The commercial success of the machine then pushed Suzuki to go even further…

In 1954, birth of the Colleda CO

In 1954, the Japanese industrialist released his very first motorcycle, called Colleda CO. Without pedals, it was equipped with a "big" single-cylinder 4-stroke 90 cc. With it and the same year, the brand won its very first race on Mount Fuji. The first in a long series !

The brand explains that it "then applied the technology acquired in the production of its motorcycles to the development of automobiles, and like the strong winds of Enshu (the sea that borders Hamamatsu and its region, Editor’s note), continued despite the turbulence of the weather ".

For the record and to conclude, Le Journal moto du Net reminds its esteemed readers that before sharing the "Way of Life" of the car range, Suzuki motorcycles had the slogan: "Ride the Wind of Change" … wind from Enshu, of course !

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