Culture – [Video] What did the ancestor of Harley-Davidson’s Pan America maxitrail look like? – Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON


[Video] What the ancestor of the Harley-Davidson Pan America maxitrail looked like ?

Culture - [Video] What did the ancestor of Harley-Davidson's Pan America maxitrail look like? - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON

To justify its next and surprising arrival on the segment of the maxitrails, Harley-Davidson leaves its archives a short film. We discover one of the distant ancestors of the future Pan America: a 165 cc 2-stroke mono which already took a German motorcycle as a reference….

In commercial difficulty due to the aging of its main clientele (the American "bikers"), Harley-Davidson has been seeking to diversify for years. At Eicma 2019, the American brand created a sensation by announcing its arrival in a very, very juicy segment on our old continent: the maxitrail !

The future Pan America does not hesitate to tackle head-on the best-seller of large engines in Europe: the BMW R1250GS, "natürlich"! To do this, Milwaukee engineers designed a powerful not-too-big twin (1250 cc "Revolution Max" for 145 hp) and installed it in a cycle part, say … solid !

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Will the custom specialist and his new bike convince? Before making it try it to journalists, dealers and customers – and even before delivering all the technical characteristics – Harley-Davidson first seeks to legitimize its simple existence.

Harley-Davidson Archives and Legacy Head Bill Jackson posted on the brand’s YouTube channel an excerpt from an old promotional film that dealers were invited to show at "Hunting and Fishing Clubs. , boyscout troops, etc. "

Harley conquers new territories

The two bikers, Armondo Magri (HD dealer in Sacramento, California) and Bob Reed (journalist) had to demonstrate that the small 165S from 1957 made it possible to experience the great adventure at a lower cost … compared to a pick-up? No, compared to a horse. A selling point – and shock – in the land of cowboys !

As a reminder, this "mini HD" was equipped with a 165 cc 2-stroke single-cylinder which developed 5.5 horsepower. The engine was mated to a 3-speed gearbox and benefited from a 1.75 gallon (6.6 liter) fuel tank. Enough to cover 175 miles (280 km) according to the manufacturer’s advertisements at the time…

Culture - [Video] What did the ancestor of Harley-Davidson's Pan America high-armor look like? - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON

Site readers – who, as everyone knows, are a little more cultured than others – will note the irony of history with a capital H like Harley: this 165S "Hummer" was a copy of RT125, which the German manufacturer DKW had to deliver the plans to the allies at the end of World War II! English (BSA Bantam), Russian and Polish cousins ​​were also produced.

The Pan America 1250 expected for the end of 2020 is this time inspired by the success of the German brand BMW Motorrad and its "Guéesses" (more than 59,000 R1200GS and R1250GS were sold worldwide in 2019).

Culture - [Video] What did the ancestor of Harley-Davidson's Pan America maxitrail look like? - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON

At Harley-Davidson, the challenge raised by the "Pan Am" is significant. But the parallel drawn between the "light weight" of the 1950s and the heavyweight of the 2020s seems a little light: what do these distant relatives have in common? Nothing but a vague American spirit, of conquering new territories.

The comment of a user is also very relevant: "if Harley-Davidson had designed and designed a nice mono 350-500 cc, I would have liked very much. The shareholders would also have appreciated." After all, BMW (again !?) last year sold "over 20,000" G310Rs and GSs across the globe….

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Small-displacement, light and affordable Harley-Davidson? The Milwaukee firm is also on the line. Or at least was, until Matthew Levatich stepped down as CEO a few weeks ago. Will this other ambitious project see the light of day? Stay connected on MNC … and #RestezChez VOUS !

Harley-Davidson video: let’s take a walk in the Sierras…

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