Culture – Why we ride … or ride a motorcycle! –


Why we ride … or ride a motorcycle !

Culture - Why we ride ... or ride a motorcycle! -

Released in October 2013 in the United States, the film ” Why we ride ” will be rebroadcast – still in the States – during Daytona Bike Week. In France, this documentary on motorcycles has recently been available on DVD or on VOD platforms….


American bikers are spoiled: forty years after the cult "On any Sunday" – translated by us as "Challenge One" … – bikers were treated to a new documentary on motorcycles last fall entitled "Why we ride"…

This film will also be rebroadcast in the coming days in a few theaters in Florida on the occasion of Daytona Bike Week which opens this weekend. On our side of the Atlantic, it is also possible to watch it: by buying the DVD via Amazon or by downloading it – legally, of course – on VOD…

"This is our story", explains the director Bryan H. Carroll in the preamble."That of people who want to dream, discover and explore. From the kid who makes his dream come true, to the retiree who regains freedom. From the family that rolls together in the dunes, to the hundreds of Choppers that trace through the canyons: they are all connected".

In the past, Mister Carrol has worked with great directors and producers such as James Cameron, Michael Mann, Jerry Bruckheimer or Joel Silver, on films such as Titanic, Collateral, Miami Vice, and Public Enemies … The "blockbuster touch" "is clearly felt in the trailer (to discover at the bottom of the article).

We can imagine the substantial budget, however "this is an independent film and no group or company from the motorcycle industry has been authorized to sponsor it", assures the team, this in order to"to ensure our freedom of creation and avoid any favoritism".

"However", note the Americans,"many biker groups and companies have helped us get access to events and filming locations". Proof if it were necessary that solidarity is not an empty word among bikers, and that they can, thanks to this, achieve great and beautiful projects.

A true ode to motorcycling, in all its forms, colors or dimensions, the documentary "Why we ride" deserves to be known, including – and above all! – beyond our motorcycle sphere. How to attract new bikers, rejuvenate their average age, improve their image? Here is a part of the answer !

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