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Words of Ducatistes…

Meeting with three Ducatists from different backgrounds: Olivier Grobost, Pierre Col and Arnaud Deglorie.

Meeting with three Ducatists from different backgrounds: Olivier Grobost, Pierre Col and Arnaud Deglorie, as part of our Special Ducati File.


Olivier Grobost, 27, Paris region
"I have a 900 SS IE prepared for the track and another for everyday. The passion came to me through my father who drove a Guzzi and a BMW. At 18, Marco (Raymondin, NDLR) lent me a Mostro 600 for my birthday – it was crazy! At 22, I had saved enough for my first 900 SS. Since then, I have had to spend 300,000 F (45,000 €) on accessories, clothes and bikes. I have everything ! I can even tell you that my son, when I get one, his name will be Carl (like Fogarty). When I ride, I talk to my bike. And at 80 I will still have my Ducat ‘. "

Pierre Col, 42 years old, Lyon
"In 1974, I was 11 years old and I entered 6th grade. My dad rides a Norton and takes me to school every day. I had better hang on to the paternal leather, because the kick in the ass of the English twin is not nothing !"23 years old and a 125 Yam RDX, a Honda twin, a 750 Four and a 900 Bol d’Or later, Pierre decides to celebrate his"20 years of biking"by doing"a huge gift: without hesitation, it will be a 916 that (sniff) I will be stolen in 1999 … At the beginning of 2000, I bought a friend’s 900 SS then a prototype 926 from the Protwin to go on the track. At the beginning of 2003, I resell them because I fall for a 998 S (Tamburini line). And in January 2004 I bought a 1973 350 Mark 3 Desmo mono, because I wanted a classic Ducati".

Arnaud Deglorie, 32, Paris region
"I have been a biker since I was 19. I had a Kawasaki Zéphyr, then I had the opportunity to use a motorbike for my job (the police). Having acquired more technique, I decided to take a more playful bike. In December 2003, I bought a recently used Monster 1000 (2,800 km). I was not disappointed with the sensations! She shakes, calls you to order and I would say either you like her or you hate her. We get used to her faults and she has them. Now it has 9,000 terminals and I cannot yet say if I will have another Ducati. I don’t have all the makings of the brand, but I like this bike. In any case, I would probably go back to a twin cylinder".


Interview by Pierre SYLVESTRE – Photos DR

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