Custom – 2013 Honda Goldwing F6B test: a golden Bagger – Diva du bitumen


2013 Honda Goldwing F6B review: a golden Bagger

Custom - 2013 Honda Goldwing F6B test: a golden Bagger - Diva du bitumen

To those who think that Honda focuses on the design of pragmatic and consensual motorcycles, at the risk of neglecting the pleasure of the senses (ations), the Japanese giant offers the Goldwing GL1800 F6B: the Bagger of all superlatives !


Bitumen Diva

Intimidating when stationary due to its XXL dimensions (2605 mm long and 945 mm wide, i.e. 34 mm and 2 mm less than a normal Goldwing respectively), the F6B can be taken over in less time than it does not take to write it. As incredible as it may seem to anyone who has never ridden this bike, the Honda can be handled with the tips of the gloves after the first km / h.

An authentic tour de force insofar as this F6B is twice as heavy as some medium-capacity roadsters (182 kg for a Street Triple, for example!). The explanation for this near miracle is due to the perfect balance of its masses and especially to its engine architecture which naturally lowers the center of gravity..

At low speed, the 28 kg saved compared to the standard Goldwing have a positive impact on ease of driving, even if the weight remains very substantial and requires attention to avoid getting on board. Admittedly, the F6B is surprisingly agile, but it should be borne in mind that the "beast" weighs almost four quintals: improvisation with the drum beating on small roads is not exactly part of its specifications. !

Enjoying a correct ground clearance for a motorcycle of this category, the Honda nevertheless surprises by these dynamic capacities: like its big sister, it is brilliantly suspended and its stability is imperial. Its coupled braking is formidably efficient and allows entry into curves that may not be sporty, but surprisingly precise and easy..

As long as you do not rush it to prevent the weight from calling you to order, the F6B is able to ride at a sustained pace in the viroleux, much faster and with much more serenity than most motorcycles of its category and its template !

And it is not from its engine that could come a possible frustration: the six-cylinder pushes hard and continuously at all speeds. Smooth at will, this mechanical cathedral with bewitching musicality seems to have endless reserves of torque (167 Nm) and power (118.3 hp in full): a must.

All without the slightest vibration: apart from a few tremors when approaching the switch at 6,500 rpm, this block with pronounced inertia is a model of elasticity and comfort.

The only downside: its 5-speed gearbox is not the fastest and most discreet in the Honda catalog. On the other hand, its final transmission by shafts and cardan joint is completely transparent and silent, two appreciable qualities on this practical and economical mechanism..

Verdict: how to resist him ?

Provided you do not expect the comfort and equipment of a "real" Goldwing, the F6B will not disappoint the 300 owners that Honda hopes to seduce in 2013. Especially since its "coupe" windshield finally reaches a very respectable level of protection: the bottom of the helmet, the bust and part of the shoulders are sheltered from turbulence, which is largely sufficient to "cruiser" at legal speeds on the road.

The competitors of the F6B

  • Harley-Davidson Street Glide : V-twin, 1690cc, 368 kg in running order – € 23,590
  • Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager Custom : V-twin, 1700cc, 382 kg all full facts – € 18,199
  • Suzuki Intruder C1500T : V-twin, 1462cc, 363 kg in running order – € 13,499
  • Triumph Rocket III Touring : 3-cylinder in-line, 2294cc, 395 kg all full facts – € 18,790
  • Victory Cross Country : V-twin, 1731cc, 347 kg empty – € 19,990

In reality, the element which suffers the most in this transformation is the sound system: it suffers from the combined loss of two loudspeakers and the absence of the enormous windshield which plays an "insulating role. sound "on a standard Goldwing: above 100 km / h, the sound escaping from the four speakers located on the dashboard is very difficult to hear.

Other than that, nothing to complain about! Ah, yes, the price maybe: almost 24,000 euros for a motorcycle whose base has not technically changed for twelve years, it can make you cough. But in return, the F6B offers unrivaled driving pleasure, a magical and noble engine, as well as a massive "Gold" image. And that is priceless…

However, that "Touring" fans with less full pockets be reassured: Christophe Decultot, the big boss of Honda France, told us that this ostentatious foray into the "Bagger" segment could have a sequel … Perhaps via the CTX700 customs that Honda currently only markets in the United States (read our)? To be continued on MNC: stay connected !

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