Custom – BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! – Page 3 – Technical point MNC K1600B


BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger !

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

The last BMW custom motorcycle, the R1200C discontinued in 2004, did not leave lasting memories … It is different for the K1600B which succeeds it with its orgasmic six-cylinder 160 hp! First try.

Page 3 – Technical point MNC K1600B

The K1600B is powered by a 1649 cc inline six-cylinder engine that develops 160 hp at 7,750 rpm and no less than 175 Nm of torque at 5,250 rpm.

This block launched in 2011 has been upgraded to Euro4 standards through a new injection map and a revised exhaust, released in 2016 on the K1600GT and K1600GTL from which this Bagger stems..

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

This mechanical monument is incredibly compact, BMW recalling that it remains "by far" the lightest over 1000 cc series in-line six-cylinder (102.6 kg) ever. Its bore / stroke ratio is slightly supersquare (72 * 67.9mm) while its cylinder head cover and clutch cover are made of magnesium to contain the weight..

Sequential injection is connected to a ride-by-wire accelerator (without cable) which controls three selectable maps on the right hand while driving: Rain, Road and Dynamic, which influence both engine efficiency and also the sensitivity of the traction control (standard). The stacked gearbox is operated by a hydraulically operated, oil-immersed multi-plate clutch which includes an effective anti-dribble function. The assembly is connected to a final transmission by cardan shaft.

The K1600B can also receive as an option the unprecedented reverse gear found on the latest generation of K16: this is activated from the R button on the left stalk, then the motorcycle moves backwards by pressing the starter. The Shifter Pro, which allows up and down gears without disengaging, is also available as an option.

Cycle part

Closely derived from the K1600GT, the K1600B takes back almost as is all the components of the chassis, starting with its perimeter aluminum frame – with carrier engine – and its Duolever front axle (two rigid arms ensure the steering, while the damping is based on a spring placed behind). 

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

Only the rear part has changed significantly: the ball – redesigned – is lowered by 70 mm to stick to the Bagger genre, and receives new fixings for rigid suitcases. These, with side opening, are screwed to the frame to better match the rounded shapes of the motorcycle: therefore, they are not removable unlike the larger ones of the GT. 

The opportunity to note that this luggage is just large and deep enough to accommodate a full face helmet. Some bulky models come in force … Too bad that a 12V or USB socket is not provided inside these suitcases nicely dressed in LEDs, thanks to which we could have recharged a device while driving.

This lowering of the rear, if it benefits the accessibility of the passenger who has two comfortable grab handles within reach, results in a logical loss of rear suspension travel. The spring of the K1600B swings over 125 mm (115 at the front) against 135 mm on the K1600GT (-10 mm). As a result, a slight loss of progressiveness despite the new hydraulic laws defined on ESA electronic damping.

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

The ergonomics evolve through a redesigned saddle and a handlebars significantly enhanced by a trigger guard. This head is also brought closer to the bust via a spacer and its curved handles. The original footrests, in the central position, are retained, but advanced steps are optional. To be able to install these platforms in a custom way, it is necessary to remove the storage spaces located at the bottom of the fairing references on the K1600GT. Grand prince, BM offers them as an option! Another practical aspect sacrificed on the altar of the look…

Everything else is similar to the road: braking remains entrusted to two 320 mm discs at the front – actuated by four-piston calipers with fixing – and a single 320 mm disc at the rear (two-piston caliper) . It is managed by a partially integral ABS, from front to rear only.

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

Directly attached to the frame, the Paralever is cast in aluminum for weight reasons, while the torque reduction link passes over the single-sided arm. Finally, power and torque are transmitted to the ground via a 190/55/17 rear tire (120/70/17 at the front).

Admitting 336 kg on the scale (334 kg for the GT without suitcases), the K1600B displays dimensions in accordance with its template: 2489 mm long (against 2324 mm for the K1600 GT), 1000 mm wide at the mirrors, 1618 mm d ‘wheelbase (same as K16GT) and 780 mm saddle height (not adjustable), against 810 mm on GT which is adjustable in height.

Electronics, driving aids

In addition to ABS, the three driving modes and traction control mentioned above, the K1600B also receives the “ESA Dynamic” suspension system as standard. This latest generation of damping developed by BMW is now able to vary the hydraulic setting in real time, depending on the condition of the road and the style of riding..

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

Two modes are available on the handlebars: "Road" and a new "Cruise", which offers more flexible and smooth damping. The preload adjustment can be fine-tuned via the dedicated button on the left stalk, allowing you to choose between solo, duo and / or loaded preload mode.. 

As standard, the K1600B also incorporates an electronic speed regulator. This completes an original endowment including a full color instrumentation with remote control on a practical left hand wheel (Multicontroller), heated grips and saddle, as well as a truncated but electrically adjustable windshield.. 

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

As an option, like the K1600GT and GTL, the K1600B can be equipped with a sophisticated adaptive directional lighting system, responsible for increasing the efficiency of the standard xenon lighting system and the regulation of the beam range. At the rear, the lighting is entirely LED.

Still as an option, it contacts the emergency services in the event of an accident, automatically (via sensors) or manually if the pilot activates the "SOS" command placed under a cover on the right hand. A microphone and a speaker then make it possible to communicate with the emergency services, if the driver is conscious of course !

Custom - BMW K1600B test: Power Bagger! - Page 3 - Technical point MNC K1600B

Finally, as an option, there is also the possibility of equipping it with hill start control (Hill Start Control), keyless start or a tire pressure indicator. Too bad that the center stand and the audio installation are also optional on this high-end motorcycle, sold at a price of 23,250 € (like the K1600GT).

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