Custom – Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2014 test: techno”l”eau”gique! – Pep and sound


Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2014 test: techno”l”eau”gique !

Custom - Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2014 test: techno''l''eau''gique! - Pep and sound

The new 2014 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited features an all-new partially water-cooled engine, improved fairing and sophisticated multimedia equipment. Test drive of Milwaukee’s most luxurious and comfortable Touring motorcycle.

Pep and sound

Always so pleasant to listen to "potatoter-potatoter", this tumbled V-twin is expressed especially at low and mid-revs. Logical consequence of its "long stroke" architecture (98.4 mm bore and 111.1 mm stroke), it is not very fond of high revs and "mechanically" encourages relaxed driving, drawing on its large reserves of couple.

On expressways, we appreciate the total absence of parasitic vibrations while it purrs quietly at 3200 rev / min at 130 km / h in sixth, a last "Overdrive" type report which serves to relieve the mechanics over long distances.

During these long trips, the easy-to-use cruise control is a definite ally, but it is especially the on-board sound system – signed Harman Kardon – which completes the appeal. Already very convincing on the previous model, it made a big leap forward !

Firstly, the old version "car radio" type station with its CD player on the front is finished. The 2014 Electra Glide Ultra Limited incorporates a state-of-the-art multimedia package, with a 6.5-inch touchscreen that can be operated with gloves.

Called "Boom Box 6.5 GT", this impressive device includes as standard a sound system with MP3 player and a very readable GPS which offers several types of journeys (short, fast, mixed, roads with bends, etc.).

And no need to unpack the user guide: its ergonomics are simple and allow almost immediate use if you have some notions that do not date from MS-DOS – or better, if you do not even know what it is! Another detail (there are still a lot of them): navigation through the screen can also be done using new, particularly well thought-out controls: joysticks on each stalk, but also more angular buttons that are easier to handle.

Too bad that the lighthouse call is located on the thumb and placed too high when going up in inter-layers. Fortunately, we can count on the new "Daymaker" Led lighting to be better seen! The beam seems to have gained in width and depth – to be checked at night – and the slightly bluish light adds a touch of modernity to this Electra Limited "New Age".

With all this gear, it’s the Honda GL1800 Goldwing that will make the face … But the pinnacle of this "infotainment" device (as they say at Harley) lies in the Bluetooth synchronization between your phone and this Boom Box.

Childishly simple, connection takes ten seconds and your phone’s contact directory appears on the motorcycle screen. Magical ! You will be able to read your SMS or make your calls – carefully parked on the roadside -, listen to your favorite playlist or dictate an address on the GPS thanks to the voice control system.

For bikers who do not have a smartphone, the dashboard conceals a small hatch called "Jukebox" which, in addition to being very practical for storing its toll ticket, incorporates a USB socket to connect any type of MP3 and enjoy the 25W delivered by each channel !

Finally, the general finish, already improved on the previous models, is even better on this 2014 version: the paint and the chrome are of superb quality, the wires and hoses perfectly hidden and only two rilsan are visible on the handlebars..

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