Custom – Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2014 test: techno”l”eau”gique! – Head for the main roads!


Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2014 test: techno”l”eau”gique !

Custom - Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2014 test: techno''l''eau''gique! - Head for the main roads!

The new 2014 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited features an all-new partially water-cooled engine, improved fairing and sophisticated multimedia equipment. Test drive of Milwaukee’s most luxurious and comfortable Touring motorcycle.

Heading for the highways !

Despite the adoption of a fork of larger diameter (49 mm) and an agreement of suspensions in progress, the Electra Glide Ultra Limited remains a motorcycle "moving" in the large fast curves. A situation where its weight and its pullman-style damping help to highlight the limits of its double steel cradle frame … and those of its ground clearance !

A little more manoeuvrable than before, the American, however, asks to take into account her weight when stationary. In the same way, the width of your luggage requires some adaptation time, especially if you have to "cruiser" in town..

In this precise context, its general balance makes it possible to move easily between cars by staying on idle or by playing with the clutch – which is always very firm. The box turns out to be precise, except to find the neutral point !

It is in terms of braking that the change is most noticeable. The new Reflex system now incorporates coupled braking – in addition to ABS – which is activated above 45 km / h. The brake distribution is calculated using various sensors which take into account the attitude of the motorcycle, its speed, the pressure on the brake lever, etc..

Below this threshold, the pilot "keeps control" on the front brake independently of the rear brake. In addition to benefiting from a huge lever arm thanks to the wide handlebars, you can also use the rear brake to make U-turns or maneuvers at low speed..

Launched fully loaded, the 2014 Electra Glide Ultra Limited also appeared to us to be a better braking machine than before, particularly in terms of progressiveness and power. Without a doubt, the contribution of the brake distributor contributes to reducing braking distances, especially on wet ground. Likewise, the ABS, which was quite sensitive on bumps, is now more discreet..

Grow a beard !

A rather crisp little anecdote released by the Harley-Davidson staff: during the development of the fairings of this new Electra in the wind tunnel, the engineers used mannequins with false beards !

Goal ? Complete your hipster look, of course, but above all test and adjust the new "Batwing" fork crown, slightly redesigned to limit air flow, especially on the face of bearded bikers! The owners of H-D who wear the beard have indeed indicated that it was suffering from turbulence and the manufacturer of Milwaukee has therefore worked in this direction. !

Protection has improved, even if a pilot of more than 1.80m may find himself with his eyes right in the curve of the nose screen. This will be the only drawback to which tall riders will be subject, since the motorcycle offers enough space to fit comfortably..

All the controls are within easy reach, the legs are not bent too much and are also well protected from air flow thanks to the crankcase gills. Passengers benefit from a new seat which gives them more space for their legs and improved ergonomics when it comes to handling the heating or sound controls..

Finally, if the new "Tour Pack" still allows two full-face helmets to be stored there, it now offers a "One Touch" opening which allows the trunk to be opened with one hand. Last little practical detail: the tensioner which held the trunk open – and which got stuck outside when closing! – was banned and replaced by a belt-type tensioner with automatic return.

Verdict: the American dream…

If the 2014 changes made to the Electra Glide Ultra Limited are not radical, they are very beneficial. This Harley Davidson has gained in modernity thanks to LED lights, coupled braking and an extremely rich and practical multimedia station.

Thanks to the arrival of – discreet – liquid cooling, the Electra Glide has also gained pep at mid-range, a pledge of additional performance that will be appreciated in particular when overtaking duo with weapons and luggage..

Finally, the general comfort and the practicality of the controls – like those of the console and the opening of the suitcases – have made a real leap forward: the objectives of the Rushmore project therefore seem well achieved, with a motorcycle improved thanks to the grip taking into account the opinion of its owners.

Too bad that the integration of a reverse gear was not part of the improvements made: at this level of weight and price (from 28,290 euros anyway!), Its absence is difficult to excuse !

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