Custom – Long-distance test: 1400 km in duet with the Road Glide Ultra – The proofs of the road for the Road Glide Ultra


Long-distance test: 1400 km in duet with the Road Glide Ultra

Custom - Long-distance test: 1400 km in duet with the Road Glide Ultra - The proofs of the road for the Road Glide Ultra

Reintroduced in France last year, the Harley-Davidson Road Glide with its shark nose went to Ultra in 2016 for long, comfortable journeys. What is this motorcycle, close to the luxurious Electra in duo and loaded with? ?

Answers after 1400 km of testing.

The road proof for the Road Glide Ultra

Very popular with some big riders, the is a motorcycle apart from the Touring Harley range, largely because of its front face as unique aesthetically as it is technically: this imposing "shark nose" is attached to the tank. 22.7 liters, unlike a traditional fork crown connected to the steering.

Consequently, neither the enveloping fairing surmounted by a fixed windshield nor the double LED optics follow the movements of the wide handlebars with curved branches. This massive shark nose always points straight ahead, even with the 130mm wide front wheel fully turned. Confusing and spectacular !

Updated last year as part of the famous, the Road Glide is now landing in France in "Ultra" configuration, until now reserved for the American market. Ultra equipped and ultra comfortable, this Road Glide Ultra is also "ultra not given": 27,850 euros in plain black !

On a technical level, this new Harley 2016 is no exception to the usual house policy of sharing platform: with the very visible exception of its front part, the Road Glide Ultra is modeled on the flagship of Harley-Davidson, the road ‘. Engine, cycle part, equipment and luggage: everything is practically identical between the two !

Like the Electra, the Road Glide receives the most elaborate evolution of the Twin Cam 103 "Twin Cooled", whose main particularity is to be partially water cooled – at the cylinder heads – thanks to small radiators cleverly concealed in the cladding of the cylinder guards. This impressive 1690 cc engine delivers the same performance: 87 hp at 5010 rpm and above all 138 Nm at 3750 rpm.

The double steel cradle frame is also renewed, as is the "big" 49 mm fork – more rigid but not adjustable – and the rear units with adjustable preload from a small wheel placed behind the left case. The same goes for the superb Brembo ventilated calipers – but, supreme refinement, branded "Harley-Davidson" – and the impressive multimedia installation "Box 6.5GT Boom!" including a GPS and a Harman Kardon sound system spewing some 25 watts per channel !

In short, on paper, the Road Glide Ultra is a formidable swallower of kilometers, also rewarding because perfectly finished. But does it retain all its presence when it comes to completing a long journey? Does the passenger benefit from the welcome required on this type of motorcycle, even after several hours in the saddle? Are its comfort and practicalities satisfactory over time? ?

To make sure, MNC took his handlebars in the company of a guest on a course of 1400 km including winding roads and major axes, with suitcases and top case of his "Tour Pack" filled to the brim. In short: a test concentrated over two days in real conditions.

The opportunity also to gauge the Harley-Davidson in every detail, to test its lighting and protection (including in the middle of the night and in the rain), but also to compare its consumption in solo and in duo. All of this information – and much more! – are to be discovered on the following pages, classified into three categories.

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