Custom – Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer test: initiation to pleasure – Dynamics: V9 Roamer, Easy Cruiser


Mandello del Lario (Italy), the

Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer test: initiation to pleasure

Custom - Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer test: initiation to pleasure - Dynamics: V9 Roamer, Easy Cruiser

With the new V9 which brings new blood to the V-twin family without disrupting the fundamentals, Moto Guzzi is banking on fun and ease. On a common platform and a new engine, two versions are available: Roamer and Bobber.

Test !

Dynamics: V9 Roamer, Easy Cruiser

Some nonchalant fish sway, to the rhythm of the choppy water, on the surface of Lake Como (Italy) … The "Dolce Vita" also applies to pike and freshwater sardines! Barely better awake, we come out of an interminable press conference, no longer ignoring the performances of the .

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber: The Dark Soul

With this V9 Bobber, Moto Guzzi plays the card of an unprecedented sportiness which emphasizes aggressiveness. In addition to "oversize" tires, the Bobber has a "total black" look capable of convincing enthusiasts who have not yet succumbed to the .

The bobber trend, born in the United States, is characterized by the elimination of details that have become unnecessary for clay races. The 16-inch black rims are here coated with larger tires (130/90 at the front and 150/80 at the rear).

In accordance with these stylistic codes, the V9 Bobber abandons all chrome plating and glossy paint. Unique concessions, a few yellow or red graphic reminders adorn the tank. The rear mudguard has been shortened and reduced, while the minimalist optical group reinforces a compact effect.

The V9 Bobber differs from the Roamer by a low drag bar type handlebars and by its long saddle placed only 780 mm from the ground. When driving, the position is not unpleasant: the arms, more apart, fall straight and allow you to feel the machine, the steering is not too heavy at low speed, the size of the front tire being compensated by the small size of the wheel.

Finally, like bad boys, girls will appreciate this bike whose saddle, less thick, will allow them to put their feet perfectly on the ground. And for 400 euros more, what a face…

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber: availability, price, colors and prices

  • Availability: mid-April 2016 in the
  • Colors: black, gray
  • Versions: A and A2
  • Price: 10 390 €
  • Technical data sheet: see page 4

In the factory parking lot, 100 meters from the shore, a dozen Roamers and as many Bobbers wait in slow motion. A gas stroke and here they are swinging, too, to the rhythm of the overturning torque. I choose the Roamer, just a current reflection of the Guzzi tradition. The Bobber differs only in details (see box opposite).

A question of style

The beautiful Roamer shines with a thousand chrome and "its finish has been neat", underlines Moto Guzzi. The welds of the frame are clean, aluminum and metal abound: headlight, tank, side covers, mudguards, footrest plates … Only the rear light leaves room for plastic.

At 785mm, the saddle height is much higher than that of one, for example, but a rider over 1.72m will not experience any discomfort. We leave the cradle of Mandello for Lecco by a "fast" road limited to 90 km / h.

The Italian custom purrs on the sixth at 3,000 rpm. This is his strong diet. With a rotation of the handle, it flies off to 6000 revolutions depending on the iPhone attached to the handlebars with the optional multimedia application (see page 2) before lowering your arms. Admittedly, the thrust is not staggering, but the power and the torque mark by their availability. The V2 even accepts to evolve at 70 km / h on the overdrive without grazing. Unthinkable with a larger displacement !

Too civilized to be honest, this V9? No, just what is needed since the switch to Euro4 standards has not completely muzzled it. If the sound of the exhausts remains discreet, the sound of breathing emanating from the air box makes it possible to keep the smile. We are of course a Guzzi! And if the gimbal does not jerk, if the box now barely slams and the "good vibrations" appear little, it is because the manufacturer has made great efforts to modernize it..

A sign that the raw character has given way to the expansion of the client panel, the position is also tinged with concessions. The footrests are not very advanced, the handlebars not too high, the saddle not too firm. The Roamer is not just a salon motorcycle! Even the 19-inch front wheel, which could engage at low speeds, is hardly a problem. Obviously, the choice of column angle and caster have been the subject of many tests.

Easy cruiser

The course of our test now takes us to the other side of the lake: kidding mood for narrow road! As centrifugal force increases with speed, the large front wheel requires a little more force than usual when entering a curve.

When taking the clutch lever – moreover quite flexible – the finger tends to hook the slider which makes Roamer go into high beam. Annoying, but the most annoying are the knees which constantly bang against the protruding cylinder heads of the longitudinal V2, forcing to back up on the saddle. Italians aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes them so charming.

A glance in the mirrors well placed, a pressure of the thumb to activate the indicator on the superb commodo and we now go up to the assault of the "Passo del Ghisallo", a small pass at 750 meters which overhangs the lake of Como before diving back into Bellagio. The engine tows well and the chassis is alive! The V9 Roamer is not a Caterpilar or an anvil and for a bit, we would titillate it well…

On the handlebars of a custom, we always act with caution when the ground is not perfectly clear, lest the rear wheel chase. Here the Moto Guzzi Traction Control (MGTC) standby: set to the least invasive mode, it is generally sufficient to annihilate the slip when exiting a turn.

In any case, the speed is never very high there because the ground clearance, if it agrees with a "fast custom" conduct, reaches its limit as soon as you arsouille a little. Too bad, because the chassis is of a good standard. The fork (non-adjustable) holds up well and the two combined are comfortable and rigorous enough, even if they pump a bit.

Finally the braking, entrusted to two simple discs supported by an ABS, is not exceptional but is enough to slow down smoothly and efficiently the crew. However, none of the levers on the handlebars are adjustable..

Verdict: the other choice

At the end of a third tour of Lake Como, we return to Mandello del Lario. This too short test serves as a grip, just enough time to validate that by addressing the general public, the Moto Guzzi V9 has not denied the genetic identity of the brand.

Its pencil stroke, although modernized, does not distort it and to be present enough, the incursion of electronics remains discreet in use. Good points for young shoots, whether they are hipster trend or simply looking for a rare authenticity on current productions !

At € 9,900, the Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer offers, for a price identical to that of a, dynamic performance superior to the "small" V7 II and a real personality. It will also find on its way the new Street Twin, better positioned in terms of price (8900 €), but built in Thailand when the V9 is assembled "at home", on the shores of Lake Como …

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