Custom – Test Street 750: a very urban little Harley? – Harley tries a big blow at a low price


Street 750 test: small, very urban Harley ?

Custom - Test Street 750: a very urban little Harley? - Harley tries a big blow at a low price

Harley-Davidson has recently introduced in these French dealerships a brand new Street 750. Classified separately in the Milwaukee clan, this city-oriented motorcycle represents the new entry-level HD. Site tried it for you.

Harley takes a big shot at a low price

What the flute? Triumph would have inflated by 75 cc the displacement of its small Street (Triple) 675? Great god no! This Street 750 is not English but American: Harley-Davidson has indeed decided to embark on its turn in the making of a medium-sized motorcycle built for the street.

To be completely exact, the Street 750 has in France – and everywhere in the world, except in the USA – a dual nationality since it was developed by the Americans of Milwaukee, but is built by the Indians of Bawal.

Street 750: availability, colors and price

  • Availability: immediate in the
  • Colors: Black, Red or Matte Black
  • Price: € 7,890 (Red or Matte black + € 200)

"The Street 750 and 500 for the American market are produced in the USA, in Kansas City", confirms Gérard Staedelin, Managing Director of Harley-Davidson France,"but ours (750 only as a reminder, Editor’s note) are built in our factory in India".

"Think India and China together have over three billion people", continues the CEO of HD questioned by MNC,"and that in the world 50 to 60 million motorized two-wheelers are sold each year, of which a minority of motorcycles of more than 650 cc".

First world manufacturer in this sector of "+ 650 cc", Harley-Davidson weighs "currently a third of the sales of large-displacement motorcycles on the planet"and intends to maintain its leadership by offering emerging countries large – medium! – cubes that meet their expectations.

This is the mission of the Street, which in the subcontinent corresponds to a high-end motorcycle, but appears in the old continent as an entry-level: with it, Harley-Davidson therefore intends to kill two birds with one stone. !

In Europe, Harley-Davidson occupies third place in the ranking of manufacturers of motorcycles over 650 cc and enjoys strong growth (due to road repression, the increase in the average age of motorcyclists but also to the image that Harley vehicle): " our European sales have doubled in ten years", summarizes Gérard Staedelin.

"In France", specifies the French big boss,"we recorded 2,996 registrations in 2001 compared to 7,821 in 2013A peak of 8778 units was even reached in 2011: it was then the first full year of the Forty-Eight…

"This machine is our bestseller with the Iron", reminds us the big boss of HD France,"the Forty-Eight was in 2011 the 15th best selling large cubes in France (motorcycles and scooters combined) with 1200 units (, Editor’s note), and we would be happy to achieve this level of performance with the Street, which complements our acclaimed Dark Customs family".

"What you should know, however, about the forecasts", Gérard Staedelin also points out to us,"is that either we are wrong or we are lucky !"That said, Harley Davidson France is convinced that its new" small "motorcycle will enable it to capture"new customers, of which around a quarter are women".

For information, "an A2 kit is obviously available on the Street 750", informs us Harley-Davidson France."It consists of a simple plastic part which acts as an inlet restrictor. The installation is a very simple operation, therefore affordable, which will require a maximum of one hour of labor".

The right price ?

Among the many arguments put forward by the brand, there is one transversal: accessibility. From a practical point of view, as we will see during the dynamic test, but also financially since the Street 750 is the cheapest of the Harley-Davidson..

Offered in France from € 7,890 incl. Tax in black (count 200 euros extra for matt black or red), this Harley "of the streets" costs 1100 euros less than the Iron 883 (8,990 € incl. VAT, read our. a price difference slightly more marked than in the USA where the Street 750 appears at $ 7,499 (HT) against $ 8,399 for the small Sportster.

On the other hand, we note that the difference is much greater in India where motorcyclists can acquire the Street 750 for 430,000 rupees (about 5,550 €) while they will have to pay 699,000 rupees (9,010 €) to ride on the Iron 883 !

Can the 12% import taxes subject to foreign motorcycles and the cost of transporting the Iron by boat in itself justify such variations in price differences? Probably not. But there are many more factors to take into account and the stakes are high…

"There is no puzzle", simply replies the CEO of Harley France:"the street sale price in France and in Europe is consistent both in terms of market positioning and the price scale in the range of our motorcycles".

"At 7,890 euros, the Street 750 is the most accessible Harley-Davidson in France", emphasizes our interlocutor:"easy to use, it can be accessorized with a multitude of HD accessories, to the delight of all". As for the regions, they"define the selling price according to local requirements".

Unless settling in India – where, according to a recent study by the consulting and auditing firm PwC, the average salary is 28 times lower than in France – the French biker has no other choice. than to pay the € 7,890. In one go or in several installments, it’s your choice.

"Our Harley-Davidson Financial Services branch offers our customers to drive on Street 750 for € 99 per month in LOA, after a first rent at € 1,890", point out the persons in charge of Harley-Davidson France. But regardless of the method of financing, what" really "is this Harley" Made in India "worth? Site test in following pages !

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