Custom – Test Street 750: a very urban little Harley? – MNC at the controls of the Street 750


Street 750 test: small, very urban Harley ?

Custom - Test Street 750: a very urban little Harley? - MNC at the controls of the Street 750

Harley-Davidson has recently introduced in these French dealerships a brand new Street 750. Classified separately in the Milwaukee clan, this city-oriented motorcycle represents the new entry-level HD. Site tried it for you.

MNC at the controls of the Street 750

The black fork crown (regardless of the color selected), the fork gaiters, the short fender and the high and wide handlebars give a nice little face to the Street 750 which "inspired by the 1977 XLCR1000", points out Harley-Davidson France.

In its description, the brand emphasizes that its brand new motorcycle benefits from the "first full-black stock exhaust on a Harley since our original 1970s Café Racer".

The latest addition to the "Dark Customs" family, the Street was however entrusted to us by HD France in its metallic red color, made sparkling by the sun which – for once! – did not leave us during our test.

The eyes are quickly captured by the famous "Bar & Shield" badge which adorns the tank. His presence has something to flatter the owner: "it does it more than the stickers stuck on the Japanese, eh?", Will he not fail to launch to his new friends at HOG … even if it means offending the owners of Iron, devoid of the pretty coat of arms !

The new Harleyist will also be able to put "Number One" on the air filter and the crankcases of his bike: the version tested by MNC was precisely equipped with them, with a string of black covers (ten pieces for a total of 400 €) . MNC nevertheless notes that the HD evocations are already numerous of origin: on the fork tubes to the tires, it is difficult to miss the brand of this motorcycle. !

Nor is it easy to miss an extremely rare element, for once, on a Harley-Davidson: the coolant radiator! Relatively discreet when viewed from the side, its plastic casing is too imposing when looking at the bike from the front or from the side.

After the powerful and to say the least revolutionary V-Rod series, the Street 750 is the second Harley-Davidson model to incorporate a "water mill" and it shows instantly, despite the presence of skillfully polished cylinder fins good impression.

Small touches, big burrs

Some tattooed bikers will see this cooling system as an unforgivable sacrilege, other open-minded bikers will consider it a negligible detail, and still others will be downright indifferent … Harley-Davidson , for its part, affirms that it is essential to guarantee constant performance in the city. We will see…

Continuing the owner’s tour, Site appreciates the care given to the rims (black, obviously): the edging machined from the aluminum is a small touch that will inevitably please the future buyer … but will have a hard time compensating for other intolerable points !

This is especially the case with the coarse welds of the rear loop and the steering column. On the right side of the latter passes a whole bunch of cables unfortunately put forward when the bike is parked with the neiman.

Good point, however, for the steering lock: it is carried out directly via the switch – placed vertically under the handlebars – and not via a second hidden lock. Iron owners will point out that their motorcycle starts "without a key", thanks to the Smart Key system..

On the Street 750, we also regret that the rear brake master cylinder leaves its ugly blue and red wires visible … On the left side of the motorcycle this time, the horn flanked on a long metal rod risks loosening the tongues. viper … rightly so !

As for the LED brake light, it will undoubtedly divide opinion: housed under the painted shell, it leaves the rear mudguard entirely blank – good! – but its ovoid shape – less good – will not be to everyone’s taste. Big plastic turn signals – not good! – do not compare with the turn signals of the Iron which so ingeniously incorporate the brake lights.

On the practical side, the Street 750 is not so "urban" as that since no storage space is provided under the saddle, nor behind the side covers which house the fuse box on the left side and the fuel jar. coolant right.

Low and almost light

We observe from time to time that the passenger will have to hang on to his pilot: the end of the saddle which is granted to him is on a slight slope and it is not the regulatory strap – on which he is sitting – which will allow him to stand on the motorcycle! The reception at the front is fortunately much better.

By taking the controls of the Street 750, Site realizes that the weight appearing on the technical sheet seems overestimated: the 222 kg fully loaded does not require much effort to be plumbed..

Low therefore, the smallest Harley does not however pass for a light motorcycle. You can feel it during maneuvers with the engine off, during which the Street 750 requires much more grip and thighs than the Street 675 of Triumph, for example. !

However, compared to the Iron, to which it makes 33 kg, the Street is more accessible. The saddle height limited to 709 mm and the reduced width of the engine casings also allow the short-legs to put both feet on the ground, which is a great reassurance..

As often, the happiness of some is the misfortune of others: pilots with long rods may have difficulty finding their position when stationary, their shins coming up against the rubber – phew! – footrests placed – a little too much – up and back. It will be best for them to place their feet far in front…

Finally, the last warning that Site must give about the legs: the biker must be careful not to let his right calf drag too close to the motorcycle – and its hot pot! – when he puts the motorcycle on its side. Otherwise, hot shot guaranteed !

The tank of the Street 750 spreads the legs a little too far but at the same time offers a satisfactory capacity: 13.1 liters. The handlebars place the hands a bit high and a bit far from each other. Some will regret the bracelet handlebars of the XLCR 1000…

At the level of the handlebars still, the plastic stems will not be to everyone’s taste. They seem ergonomic and are all … except one: the turn signal control is a little too high for the thumb which naturally falls on the horn, at the beginning at least.

Even before setting off to attack the Parisian traffic jams, we regret the absence of hazard lights. Very popular with French commuters, warnings are perhaps less so by Americans and Indians … Wherever they come from, small riders will regret that the non-adjustable levers are too far apart for their little minoches.

But it is now high time to push the electric starter control … Attention, the Street is coming to town !

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