Dakar – Dakar moto 2017: the favorites, the challenges and the route –


Dakar moto 2017: the favorites, the challenges and the route

Dakar - Dakar moto 2017: the favorites, the challenges and the route -

The start of the 39th Dakar will be given in a little less than a month and a half in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, where the "King of Rallies" is going for the first time. Marc Coma, former Dakar winner turned sporting director of the event, promises “ the most difficult edition in South American history of the rally ”.

Favorites and other bikers are warned…

Dakar 2017 route: make way for sport and navigation

"The Dakar 2017 route carries the values ​​of rally raid, with a physical challenge that will push the pilots into the world of extreme endurance: 7 stages will exceed 400 km, including one of more than 500 km. The rally will last 6 days above 3000 meters of altitude ", describes Marc Coma to illustrate his feeling that the Dakar 2017 will be the most difficult organized in South America.

Very comfortable in his new role of sporting director of the event, the former flag bearer of the official KTM team did not mince his words during the traditional press conference presenting the Dakar, in the company of the director of the Etienne Lavigne event (below). According to Coma, the bikers will have to surpass themselves to overcome long marathon stages, especially as the conditions will be radically different between the three countries crossed (Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina) from January 2 to January 14, 2017…

Dakar - Dakar moto 2017: the favorites, the challenges and the route -

The tropical heat of Asunción (sometimes over 40 ° C at that time) will be followed by negative temperatures a few days later in the heights of Bolivia, with incursions between 3000 and 5000 meters of altitude! Mental, mechanical and physical condition will be put to the test, especially as navigation will regain a more important place via modifications to the functioning of the GPS: "less guidance, more orientation", promises the organizer ASO.

The favorites: beat Toby at all "Price" !

Brilliant, Toby Price occupies the status of favorite on the benchmark bike on the grid: the official KTM, with 15 consecutive Dakar successes. But the young Australian will have to deal with a complex, physical course punctuated by unprecedented specials … These elements could benefit promising "youngsters" whose long teeth have sharpened, such as the Argentinian Kevin Benavides (Honda) and the French Adrien van Beveren (Yamaha), who completed his first participation in the before going to win his ! 

The experienced Helder Rodriguez will also be there on his official Yamaha, as will the always very fast Joan Barreda, unlucky victim of an engine failure during the on his factory Honda. His teammate Paulo Gonçalves also has a revenge to take on the fate after having to throw in the towel in 2016 because of a punctured radiator, followed by a fall on his official CRF450 Rallye…

Dakar - Dakar moto 2017: the favorites, the challenges and the route -

The Frenchman Michael Metge could also cause a sensation by switching from Yamaha to Honda, after his disappointment at having had to put aside his legitimate Top 5 ambitions following major electronic problems on his WRF450 Rally last year. Great expectations also for the British Sam Sunderland on the official KTM, the astonishing Slovak Stefan Svitko or the Chilean Pablo Quintanilla, winner of the last stage 2016 on his Husqvarna. 

In short, the spectacle should once again be at the rendezvous for the biggest rally-raid in the world, very followed by the South American public: they were 4.4 million to applaud and encourage the pilots on the side of the roads. last year! Bolivia, Argentina and now Paraguay are delighted in advance of this palpable fervor during these 15 days of competition, with significant economic benefits: each year, the host countries would benefit on average from some "300 million dollars of direct economic impact, "ASO calculated.

The Dakar 2017 route in video

The favorites of the Dakar 2017 in video

Dakar calendar 2017 

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