Dakar – Dakar motorcycle 2020: Edwin Straver has died … –


Dakar motorcycle 2020: Edwin Straver has died…

Dakar - Dakar motorcycle 2020: Edwin Straver has died ... -

The Dakar is mourning the death of a second motorcycle rider: Edwin Straver, who died this Friday from his injuries after his heavy fall in the 11th and penultimate stage of the rally. The Dutch biker, winner last year in motorcycle trunks, was 48 years old…

"Edwin passed away on Friday morning surrounded by his loved ones," said Edwin Straver’s wife, after a week lived in anguish and fear following the suffering suffered by her husband since his fall on January 16 on his KTM 450 EXC…

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The n ° 40, hit in the spine and the head, was "" since his accident: this Dutch entrepreneur had been miraculously resuscitated by the doctors in the Saudi desert despite the absence of heartbeats "for 10 minutes ".

As soon as he was transported to the hospital in Riyadh (capital of Saudi Arabia), Edwin Straver was in critical condition and his prognosis for life was engaged: "it had become clear that he would remain unconscious", indicates the press release announcing his death . In these circumstances, his family had requested his repatriation to the Netherlands: it was with his family that he died at 48 years old….

Dakar - Dakar motorcycle 2020: Edwin Straver has died ... -

Edwin Straver was taking part in his third Dakar and had distinguished himself last year by finishing 30th in the Scratch and first in the “motorcycle trunks” (renamed Original By Motul). Again engaged in this category without assistance, he was in 38th place before his fall. 

For this former motocross rider, "doing it alone suits my character and my way of racing very well. I may not be the fastest, but I am a complete rider and fairly consistent. And then fending for yourself is the very spirit of rally-raid ".

The Dutch rider is the 26th competitor to lose his life in the Dakar and the 21st biker: the 20th being the Portuguese Paulo Gonçalves, who died during the 7th stage of this 2020 edition..

  • MNC of January 12, 2020 :  

Site associates with grief for family and loved ones of Edwin Straver….

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