Dakar – Marc Coma (KTM) wins the Dakar motorcycle 2014 –

Marc Coma (KTM) wins the Dakar motorcycle 2014

Dakar - Marc Coma (KTM) wins the Dakar motorcycle 2014 -

Marc Coma, the author of a clear round since the start of the 2014 Dakar, has just won the "king of rallies" for the fourth time despite Cyril Despres’ victory in the last special. His teammate Jordi Viladoms signed his best result, taking 2nd place at 1h52’27, while Cyril Despres finished…

Marc Coma, the author of a clear round since the start of the 2014 Dakar, has just won the “king of rallies” for the fourth time despite Cyril Despres’ victory in the last special. His teammate Jordi Viladoms signed his best result by taking 2nd place at 1h52’27, while Cyril Despres completed his first Dakar at Yamaha fourth, at the foot of the podium behind his teammate Olivier Pain, who signed his best result on the race.

The "Coma method", based on taking a brutal distance from his rivals on a single special, worked again this year: on the fourth day of the race, the second part of the marathon stage leading to Chilecito, he hit a big blow by dislodging Joan Barreda from the leading position, while Cyril Despres was already letting some of his chances of victory slip away over electrical problems.

"It’s a very complicated rally"

After having taken its ease, Coma applied to recite a faultless, where his opponents accumulated antics, breakdowns, inaccuracies … and hours of delay.

“These are very strong, very personal feelings”, summed up Coma: “It represents a lot of sacrifice and work. It’s an extreme race with some good times and some very hard ones. reminds that a year ago I could not take the start … And here I am, here, the winner! We must thank the people around me who made this return possible. Every time I win this rally, I say I’m going to savor it. I’m going to do it with my relatives, my family. I don’t know if I’m going to win it again. I’m going to try and work for it, but it’s a very complicated rally ".

"I am very moved", for his part confided Jordi Viladoms on arrival: "it is all a lot for me especially after the year that I lived. I am very happy with this result".

For Olivier Pain, third, it was "a high emotional and difficult edition the first week. Then, I didn’t give up all the second week … and here is the podium, that was the objective. I had prepared for, but there was still a nice start list. On the rest day, I was 40 minutes from the podium and I only thought of that for the whole week. little by little on Jordi, and then there was the bad luck of Joan who benefited me yesterday. We then had to elbow to the end with Cyril … it was never restful. This morning I didn’t really have any stress, it was more of anger to get there! "

As for Cyril Despres, he "gave the maximum to the end" but "it’s racing. That’s what I like about competition: not giving up. It was important for me not to have regrets. It was fun, and it’s positive. A completed Dakar too. We tried, we believed in it … and we learned a lot of things. I can see that it is not an easy thing to develop a motorcycle for the Dakar in a few months, but we tried ". 

The first to leave the scene, the two bikers who accompanied Despres on the podium last year, Ruben Faria and "Chaleco" Lopez, were eliminated by a crash, while the world champion Paolo Gonçalves saw his Honda and his ambitions set off in smoke during the 5th stage.

At this stage, the many disappointments were offset by the breeze of freshness blown by the Sherco pilots: Relaying his teammate Juan Pedrero to the stage board, Alain Duclos positioned himself as an increasingly credible contender for the podium, at least for the day rest. But after a first tumble in the 7th stage, the engine of his Sherco definitively died two days later..

In the last days, Marc Coma was able to continue his journey keeping a distant eye on Joan Barreda. But the most threatening pursuer, returned to a good half hour thanks to a penalty imposed on the leader due to a change of engine, finally stumbled at the precise moment when the learning of consistency seemed assimilated. On the eve of the finish, the high roller of the year, winner of four stages, collapsed in the dunes of Copiapo, where he let slip more than two hours to finish in 7th place overall.

Meanwhile, Cyril Despres continued his endeavor to rise in the hierarchy, with success that rewards his obstinacy. Relegated to 12th position at the 5th stage, then 11th on the rest day, the five-time winner progressed by small leaps to finally fail at the foot of the podium, just behind his teammate Olivier Pain.

The Yamaha double in 3rd and 4th position is followed by an honorable representation of Honda with Helder Rodrigues (5th), Joan Barreda (7th) and Daniel Gouet (8th). At a reasonable distance, Laia Sanz completes the beautiful Catalan picture by going for 16th place overall, one of the best female performances on the Dakar after Christine Martin (10th in 1981), Nicole Maitrot (14th in 1982) and Véronique Anquetil (15th in 1984).

Video summary of the last stage of Dakar 2014

General classification of the Dakar motorcycle 2014

  1. 2 COMA (ESP) KTM 54:50:53
  2. 4 VILADOMS (ESP) KTM 56:43:20
  3. 6 PAIN (FRA) YAMAHA 56:50:56
  4. 1 DESPRES (FRA) YAMAHA 56:56:31
  5. 7 RODRIGUES (PRT) HONDA 57:02:02
  6. 15 PRZYGONSKI (POL) KTM 57:22:39
  7. 3 BARREDA BORT (ESP) HONDA 57:44:54
  8. 26 GOUET (CHL) HONDA 58:01:27
  9. 19 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 58:41:03
  10. 9 CASTEU (FRA) KTM 58:49:02
  11. 16 JAKES (SVK) KTM 59:10:28
  12. 30 VAN NIEKERK (ZAF) KTM 60:24:31
  13. 17 METGE (FRA) YAMAHA 60:47:27
  15. 28 KNUIMAN (NLD) KTM 62:35:31
  16. 50 SANZ (ESP) HONDA 62:53:55
  17. 52 RODRIGUEZ (CHL) HONDA 62:59:44
  18. 39 PABISKA (CZE) KTM 63:07:34
  19. 31 THIS (ITA) SPEEDBRAIN 63:14:59
  20. 76 CARDONA VAGNONI (FRI) YAMAHA 63:37:43
  21. 23 PEDRERO GARCIA (ESP) SHERCO 64:10:12
  22. 74 VOGELS (NLD) KTM 64:19:22
  23. 14 PIZZOLITO (ARG) HONDA 64:25:25
  24. 44 OLIVEIRA (PRT) SPEEDBRAIN 65:29:22
  25. 27 GUASCH (ESP) GAS – GAS 65:37:12
  26. 34 STANOVNIK (SVN) KTM 66:00:36
  27. 67 VAN PELT (NLD) HONDA 66:10:52
  28. 59 CUMMINGS (ZAF) KTM 66:26:07
  30. 36 PATRAO (PRT) SUZUKI 66:40:24
  31. 69 PAYEN (FRA) YAMAHA 67:44:22
  32. 46 RODRIGUEZ (ARG) HONDA 67:47:57
  33. 86 NASER COLOMBO (CHL) KTM 68:08:43
  34. 103 DE SOULTRAIT (FRA) YAMAHA 68:19:40
  35. 57 DA COSTA (FRA) YAMAHA 69:08:47
  36. 45 OLIVERAS CARRERAS (ESP) GAS – GAS 69:35:14
  37. 75 O’CONNOR (AUS) KTM 69:38:51
  38. 134 DIENER (AUS) YAMAHA 70:24:11
  39. 165 ROBERTS (AUS) KTM 70:31:42
  40. 117 MEERU (EST) HONDA 71:05:34
  41. 106 GOUNON (FRA) KTM 71:25:56
  42. 73 DEMELCHORI (ARG) KAWASAKI 71:32:47
  43. 41 PROHENS (CHL) YAMAHA 71:35:38
  44. 51 ARREDONDO (GTM) KTM 71:41:20
  45. 65 HEINRICH (PER) HONDA 72:12:19
  46. 42 PROHENS (CHL) YAMAHA 73:00:31
  47. 64 LAZARD (URY) KTM 73:44:21
  48. 83 CABRERA (CHL) KAWASAKI 73:58:39
  49. 79 ONTIVEROS (ARG) YAMAHA 74:45:29
  50. 126 NIJEN TWILHAAR (NLD) KTM 75:03:10
  51. 100 CROQUELOIS (ENG) YAMAHA 75:53:24
  52. 133 TRIISA (EST) HONDA 76:20:16
  53. 72 SAGHMEISTER (SRB) KTM 77:03:49
  54. 131 DESI (HUN) KTM 77:36:22
  55. 63 ERRAZURIZ (CHL) SHERCO 78:00:33
  56. 174 ARANA COBEAGA (ESP) YAMAHA 79:26:08
  57. 189 TRACCAN (FRA) HONDA 80:31:26
  58. 101 SARMIENTO CERON (COL) YAMAHA 80:49:19
  59. 109 DEL ZOTTO (ARG) GAS – GAS 80:57:11
  60. 180 DAMDINKHORLOO (MNG) KTM 81:16:00
  61. 71 GRACIDA GARZA (MEX) HONDA 81:19:20
  62. 80 REINIKE (CHL) KTM 81:43:27
  63. 125 GUZMAN BLANCO (CHL) KTM 81:54:19
  64. 82 VALLE (MEX) KTM 82:04:34
  65. 85 PENATE MUNOZ (ESP) KTM 82:10:10
  66. 93 DE GROOT (NLD) HONDA 85:18:06
  67. 87 VELLUTINO (PER) KTM 85:52:04
  68. 98 HAMARD (FRA) KTM 86:04:45
  69. 155 URQUIA (ARG) YAMAHA 87:29:26
  70. 58 PUERTAS HERRERA (ESP) GAS – GAS 91:26:57
  71. 111 ESPINASSE (FRA) KTM 91:27:42
  72. 105 BATALLA (ESP) GAS – GAS 91:44:32
  73. 91 CID DE LA PAZ (ARG) YAMAHA 91:51:46
  74. 92 JOHNSON (USA) HONDA 95:20:05
  75. 191 HOYOS LLACH (COL) HONDA 102: 03: 26
  76. 173 VIGLIO (ITA) BETA 104: 30: 48
  77. 169 CHIVITE RUIZ (ESP) YAMAHA 108: 43: 40
  78. 118 GUYOMARC’H (FRA) YAMAHA 144: 08: 10

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