Dakar – Official: the Dakar in Saudi Arabia from 2020 –


Official: the Dakar in Saudi Arabia from 2020

Dakar - Official: the Dakar in Saudi Arabia from 2020 -

Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) officially confirms the transfer of the Dakar to Saudi Arabia from its next edition in 2020. This announcement has been expected for several weeks following persistent rumors about the end of the rally-raid in South America to the profits of the Middle East.


The arrival of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia is not really a surprise, since the Middle East has come up frequently in conversations since Peru’s mixed record. Nasser Al Attiya, winner of the last Dakar auto, even recently announced the existence of a "five-year" contract at some "80 million dollars" between the Saudi leaders and ASO.

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As predicted by Le Journal moto du Net, it is the new director of the famous rally-raid who announces this transfer to the other side of the Atlantic after 30 years in North Africa and ten years in South America: the former motorcycle and car rider David Castera, replacing Etienne Lavigne as director of the Dakar. The new French conductor evokes a "grandiose challenge" and "territories made for the rally-raid" in the nothing bombastic press release sent by the organizer.

"From my earliest memories and my first experiences of the Dakar, I have always considered that this special rally carried with it the concept of discovery, of a journey into the unknown. By going to Saudi Arabia, it is of course this aspect that fascinates me ", assures Castera.

"I am sure that this same feeling will animate all the pilots and co-pilots. And as the director of the event, it is a great challenge to be faced with this blank page with endless possibilities", comments- he. "I am already inspired and happy to have to trace a course in such a monumental geography and conducive to the most daring routes. There is only the embarrassment of choice. Sport, navigation and surpassing oneself will obviously be magnified. in these territories made for rally-raid ".

New challenges in the Middle East

Same enthusiastic and lyrical storytelling from His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki AlFaisal Al Saud, Chairman of the Saudi Arabia General Sports Authority who believes that by hosting the Dakar for the first time, "we wish to offer an incredible and unforgettable experience for the pilots who will discover the beauty of Saudi nature while producing a unique spectacle for motorsport fans, not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the region and around the world ".

Dakar - Official: the Dakar in Saudi Arabia from 2020 -

His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Abdullah Al Faisal, President of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation, evokes for his part his never realized dream of taking part in the "King of Rallies" and his desire to partly fulfill this ambition by organizing it in his own country…

“I have always wanted to participate in the Dakar. As I did not have the chance to meet this ambition, I am now participating in the realization of an even bigger dream, consisting of making the Dakar take place in the Middle East for the first time. (…) We promise the competitors new challenges by drawing stages in the majestic and mysterious desert of the “Empty Quarter.” The diversity of the terrain and the natural environment of the country will lead the competitors to live a unique experience . ”

Amaury Sport Organization, owner of the rights to the Tour de France, the Paris Marathon, the Roc d’Azur (mountain biking) or the Open de France (golf), announces that a press conference will reveal "all the details of this new adventure "on Thursday April 25 in Al Qiqqiya, near the Saudi capital Riyadh. The opportunity in particular to learn more about the welcome reserved by the Saudi regime to all foreign competitors…

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