Dakar – Rally-raid: Julien Toniutti selected for the 2019 Dakar motorcycle! –


Rally-raid: Julien Toniutti selected for the Dakar motorcycle 2019 !

Dakar - Rally-raid: Julien Toniutti selected for the 2019 Dakar motorcycle! -

Julien Toniutti, quadruple champion of France in motorcycle road rallies, ticks the first essential box to carry out his daring project to participate in the Dakar 2019: to qualify for the "King of Rallyes" by going to the end of a rally-raid of scale, in this case that of Merzouga in Morocco !

The Lyon pilot, an expert on asphalt but, discovered the requirements of piloting in the desert, navigation, validation of "Way points" (compulsory passage points), heat, marathon stages of several hundred kilometers without assistance and also – above all? – the dunes…

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"This is what impressed me the most", he confides, explaining that crossing dunes requires "to be super attentive and above all observant. Off-road driving is very different from driving on the road, If only in the management of grip. […] It was getting better day by day but it is obvious that to understand the dunes it takes hours and hours of practice ".

Entered in the colors of the 2B Moraco team, Julien admits that he is not yet in a position to be able to both manage the navigation "and set a steady pace", but he is delighted with his continued progress. "At the end of the week, I was able to test myself to ride a little harder and I was rewarded with a very honorable ranking in the middle of the table (41st out of 80, Editor’s note)", he rejoices.

Very positive experience, therefore, despite a good fall occurring when turning the road book unwinder by hand which had stuck! "Multi-helmet (head) s", Julien Toniutti is now preparing for another universe, light years away from the rally-raid: "[…] see you in a month on the Isle of Man for new adventures in the Tourist Trophy ", foresees this talented all-rounder !

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