Dakar – The Dakar 2009 will take place … in Argentina and Chile –


The Dakar 2009 will take place … in Argentina and Chile

Dakar - The Dakar 2009 will take place ... in Argentina and Chile -

It’s not easy to learn geography with rally raids: the 2009 Dakar will take place from January 3 to 18, 2009 … in Argentina and Chile, with Buenos Aires as the start and finish city. It will be contested over 9000 km including 6000 of specials.

Following the cancellation of the Dakar 2008 (read), Amaury Sport Organization, the organizer of the rally raid created by Thierry Sabine in 1979, decided to change continent next year: the desert remains on the program, but the competitors of the "Dakar" will now face the vast expanses of South America in a large loop around Buenos Aires via the Atacama Desert (northern Chile), the Andes and Patagonia (southern Argentina)…

"The competitors of the Dakar 2008 will have priority to register from May 15 to the Dakar Argentina Chile 2009 and the registration fees will be the same as in 2008," Etienne Lavigne, Dakar boss, told AFP. . Details of the route are expected to be unveiled in Buenos Aires on Tuesday by organizers at the headquarters of the Argentine presidency. Latin American pilots who want to participate in this rally will benefit from a specific price, also indicated the organizer..

For European competitors, vehicles will be embarked by boat at the end of November or at the beginning of December, with a three-week Atlantic crossing … Unless they fall back on the Rally of Tunisia organized by NPO, or on La Légende des Héros by Hubert Auriol? "The Dakar visits South America, it does not leave Africa, however," said Etienne Lavigne, who does not rule out returning there one day, "when the geopolitical context will be more favorable"…

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