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BMW F 650 CS (V)

In motion…

…the motorcycle manufacturers come with their new 2002 models. It will be exciting!

In addition to a whole series of far-reaching model maintenance measures, we can expect tangible new ideas. BMW wants to address new target groups with the asphalt-oriented F 650 CS. With a fresh design, interesting detailed solutions such as the single-sided swing arm and toothed belt drive, young people in particular should be lured into the saddle.

A complete range of accessories including an independent, fashion-oriented clothing line should help. Accessories are also the keyword for the R 1150 GS Adventure. It is primarily intended to accommodate long-distance travelers, documented, among other things, by the aluminum case system and an optional coding plug that allows the use of low-octane fuel.
Speaking of accessories: Almost all manufacturers have stepped up in this segment and offer brand-specific technology and clothing. They offer taller panels, suitcases, top cases, tank bags, alarm systems and more. In addition, the companies adapted their models even more consistently to the intended use. The Honda Pan European, for example, has been extensively modernized after twelve years of construction. Lighter, stronger, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly is the motto here, as with the competition. Composite braking systems with ABS, regulated catalytic converters and secondary air systems are now commonplace in the touring segment. Most of the super sports cars now have injection systems including G-Kat on board.
Harley relies on both classic (883R) and modern (V-Rod). Yamaha and Kawasaki largely left it with extensive maintenance of familiar models for 2002, similar to Triumph. Only the Speed ​​Triple was permanently revised here. Gilera is entering the competitive 600 class, and Buell is bringing solutions to the XB9R such as an aluminum frame with an integrated fuel tank and an oil tank in the rear swing arm. Let’s see how it works.

BMW F 650 CS

Single cylinder engine, power 37 kW (50 HP) at 6800 rpm, steel bridge frame, telescopic fork, single-sided swing arm, central spring strut, price: ns. AT..

BMW is targeting young customers with the smartly styled CS. The so-called »Scarver« attracts with details such as the single-sided swing arm with belt drive or the storage compartment in the dummy tank with space for a backpack, audio system, etc. Slightly more torque than the basic F 650 GS and a stiffer chassis with a lower center of gravity ensure maximum driving pleasure.

BMW R 1150 GS Adventure

Two-cylinder boxer engine, output 63 kW (86 hp) at 6800 rpm, load-bearing engine-gearbox unit, Telelever, central spring strut. Price: k. AT..

The sport version of the GS looks difficult to travel long-distance. Equipped on the chassis side with 20 millimeters longer spring travel and a White Power strut with progressive damping, it also gets the Evo brake, hand protectors, aluminum motor protection, larger windshield and as extras a shorter first gear, 30 liter tank and a luggage system with aluminum boxes.

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