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The Warhawk is the first motorcycle from the newly founded manufacturer Curtiss Motorcycle Company.


It is limited to 35 copies.


Cost: $ 105,000.


Curtiss Motorcycle Company was re-established in 2017.

Before that, the company was known as Confederate.


The focus of the newly founded company should actually be on the area of ​​e-mobility. There is already a first concept image for the electric motorcycles. The official presentation of the first e-bike will follow in May 2018.


The newly introduced Curtiss Warhawk is visually and technically similar to the last Confederate model.


The last Conferderate model, called the FA-13 Combat Bomber, was a little more expensive in comparison, however, at $ 155,000.


In addition, there were only 13 copies of the FA-13 Combat Bomber.

Curtiss Warhawk (2018)

Expensive $ 105,000, limited to 36 pieces

The Warhawk is the first motorcycle from the newly formed Curtiss Motorcycle Company. It is limited to a number of 36 copies and has a proud price.

M.on does not have to like the look of the Curtiss Warhawk. Nevertheless, it remains spectacular. The design could already look familiar to one or the other motorcycle enthusiast. It is visually and technically similar to the Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber presented last year in many respects. That is not surprising. Finally, last year Confederate announced that it would change its company name to Curtiss Motorcycle Company. The parallels between the newly introduced Curtiss Warhawk and the Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber are correspondingly large.

Nevertheless, the announcement of the new Curtiss Warhawk is a little surprising. After all, Curtiss, or rather Confederate at the time, announced at the launch of the FA-13 Combat Bomber that he wanted to concentrate on the development of electric motorcycles in the future under a new company name. Now the newly founded manufacturer has obviously changed its mind.

Great athlete

Confederate – Switch from gasoline engines to e-mobility

Last gasoline engine of the Americans

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More information about Confederate

Curtiss Warhawk costs $ 105,000

As mentioned at the beginning, the new Curtiss Warhawk is based on the sister model Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber. Technically, the two models do not differ that much. For the engine, the manufacturer has again opted for an air-cooled V2 engine from the US company S&S decided. The key data of the drive: 2,163 cm³ and 150 hp at 5,100 rpm. Tea maximum torque is 217 Nm. The additional features are a monocoque chassis, an aluminum swing arm, a weight of 258.5 kilograms and carbon wheels. A 160/70 tire rotates on the 3.5×18 inch rim at the front. A 240/45 tire is mounted on the 8.5×18 inch rear wheel rim. The top speed is a whopping 265 km / h.

Fortunately, there are slightly more copies of the Warhawk for a significantly lower price. While the Combat Bomber cost 155,000 US dollars with a limited number of 13 copies, the Warhawk is almost a bargain in direct comparison. Those interested in buying one of the 36 available Warhawks have to shell out “only” 105,000 US dollars. The models are only built against an order and a down payment of $ 5,000. After the reservation, the waiting time is 2 to 3 months.


There is also a first concept image for the electric motorcycles.

The Curtiss Warhawk is said to be the first and only Curtiss model that does not have an electric motor. As announced, the company’s future focus will be on the topic of e-mobility. The project is underlined with the newly announced electric models Hercules, Zeus T Block and Starfire V Block and the publication of a new concept photo. The motor and electronics of the new electric bikes are said to come from Zero. Unlike the Zero models, the new Curtiss bikes are supposed to use two electric motors at the same time, which should provide additional punch.

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