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BMW R 1200 GS rally

The gravel gangway

GS, or, earlier: G / S, stands for "Terrain and road". The BMW models shown here fulfill this promise with quite different focuses. Tea BMW R 1200 GS rally costs 1650 euros more than the basic GS and comes with extras for 1723 euros.

A good deal?


BMW R 1200 GS rally.

"Topseller" basically says it all: the BMW R 1200 GS has been the best-selling motorcycle in Germany for years. The reason for this is quickly found: it is at home in any environment; Motorways, country roads, serpentines or gravel passes – the driver often sets the limit, not the vehicle. In view of such conditions, it is difficult to keep customer interest awake with a slight facelift. BMW has developed the special “Rallye” model for this purpose.

It attracts with a red frame, independent decor and extensive equipment that usually costs extra: on-board computer (146 euros), case holder (152 euros), heated grips (197 euros), hand protectors (76 euros) and the Enduro- ESA (687 euros) are always included, as is a chrome exhaust (101 euros) and wire-spoke wheels (364 euros). For the anti-lock braking system, BMW also charges an extra 1090 euros for the Rally GS – which is almost always paid. Why are walking meals still being built without ABS at all? Possibly because the Bavarian cow is also very popular south of the Alps and therefore flushes a lot of money into the white and blue coffers. However, ABS is notorious in Italy as a fearful technology and is therefore rarely or not at all bought. Be that as it may: Even if a Triumph Tiger Explorer is the better touring motorcycle, a Ducati Multistrada is the cooler country road device and a KTM 990 Adventure is more suitable for off-road use, the GS, especially as a rally variant, remains superior in the sum of all advantages. Fortunately, everyone can decide for themselves whether they want such a broadband motorcycle.

BMW 1200 GS rally.


● Powerful boxer engine
● Large and practical cases for an extra charge
● Electronic chassis adjustment very practical
● Ergonomics suitable for long distances, also for the pillion passenger
● Frugal consumption

● High price
● Boxer engine is and will remain a matter of taste
● Initial tires not optimal



BMW R 1200 GS rally.

In the city
It’s unbelievable how agile two hundredweight motorcycle can be. The boxer engine copes very well with the low speeds, the clutch requires pleasantly low operating forces. Rear and all-round visibility are also convincing; The height of the seat alone can spoil the fun for little fellows.

On the country road
A shorter wheelbase takes a long time to look for among large travel enduros. He, the narrow front tire and the fantastic balance with a low center of gravity result in extremely manageable handling. The Telelever at the front provides the necessary stability for hard braking maneuvers.

On the highway
Top speed: 215 km / h – respectable, but not a feat. In return, this pace can actually be sustained for a long time. The narrow shield offers proper wind protection, and the moderately wide tubular handlebars allow the GS to be controlled perfectly even under full load without fluttering.

Confident, powerful, robust in sound and moderate in consumption – if you think about it, you need a different engine concept.

landing gear
Well balanced, equally stable and agile. The ESA is the icing on the cake. Only the first tires get fidgety at high speeds.

The Telelever at the front makes the caster longer instead of shorter when braking. In this way, the BMW always remains stable even with the toughest delays.

The rally is well equipped with a main stand, on-board computer and ESA, the overload list also includes some fancy (LED indicators) and ABS.

Ergonomically terrific; the long spring travel swallows a lot of hardship. Much more comfort is hard to come by on a motorcycle of this type.

Suitable for beginners
Two points should deter beginners from the GS: seat height and price. Anyone who can compensate for this is also well served as a newcomer.


BMW G 650 GS.

BMW G 650 GS

The entry into the world of BMW motorcycles. The Sertão version is a bit more off-road with wire-spoke wheels (21 inches at the front) and significantly longer suspension travel.

Power 48 hp
Vmax 170 km / h
Cylinder 1
Weight full. 192 kg
Seat height 800 mm
Price 6900 euros


BMW F 650 GS.

BMW F 650 GS

The F 650 GS, here in the "Sun Yellow" version, deep stacks. A 798 cm³ two-cylinder heart beats in it. Be careful when browsing used markets: up to 2007 the F 650 GS was a single-cylinder motorcycle similar to the current G 650 G..

Power 71 hp
Vmax 185 km / h
Cylinder 2, r
Weight full. 199 kg
Seat height 820 mm
Price 8100 euros


BMW F 800 GS.

BMW F 800 GS

The F 800 GS is the golden mean of the BMW enduros: not too heavy and, thanks to the 21-inch front wheel, quite suitable for off-road use, but also powerful enough for a quick stretch of the motorway.

Output 85 hp
Vmax >200 km / h
Cylinder 2, r
Weight full. 207 kg
Seat height 880 mm
Price 10 150 euros

BMW R 1200 GS.

BMW R 1200 GS

The long-running favorite with a promise of world travel suitability. Hardly anyone buys the basic version with basic equipment, ESA and ABS are mandatory accessories. If you are sure that you will never be on the road off the beaten track, you can also choose the fully-clad R 1200 RT.

Power 110 hp
Vmax 215 km / h
Cylinder 2, B
Weight full. 229 kg
Seat height 870-890 mm
Price 13,300 euros


BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

Overkill or consequence? 20 mm more suspension travel, 33 liter tank, crash bars and protectors, plus 20 mm more seat height and a 27 kg higher weight make the Adventure the ultimate off-road travel motorcycle.

Output 110 hp
Vmax 215 km / h
Cylinder X
Weight full. 256 kg
Seat height 890-910 mm
Price 14,900 euros

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