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Race bike: Bretters-Triumph Speed ​​Triple

Triumph Speed ​​Triple in carbon fiber

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Bretters, the second. For the PS Tuner GP 2011, Meister Bretter chiseled a super monster out of a Suzuki B-King. This year he formed British three of a kind. Wrapped in a carbon dress, the Bretters-Speed ​​Triple reveals little about its true character when standing.

But then quickly open the tap!

D.he adrenaline-soaked memory of the PS-Tuner-GP that recently took place is still in the air. Gifted tuners bravely faced our challenge and sweetened our otherwise boring life as a tester with their extreme, sometimes playful or daring creations.

Last year Klaus Bretter from Bretters Zweiradshop set the bar very high for naked bikes with his ingenious Suzuki B-King. In 2012 he sent a Triumph Speed ​​Triple into the ring. Is it even better than the B-King? The eye flies over the Speedy. Uff, everything was built in carbon accessories that ever came from the Ilmberger autoclave and fits the triple. Frame protection, clutch cover, front fender, tank cover, belly pan and tail fins – to name just a few – found their way to Bretter’s factory. Even the LSL handlebar is coated with a layer of carbon and complements the permanent sensory overload of the retina.

Everywhere only precious carbon. Lots of this material, which is laborious to manufacture, makes the Bretters-Speed ​​Triple unmistakable – but also quite expensive.

But since the performance has to shine in addition to the optics, a power commander takes care of the supply of the optimized motor. The exhaust manifold and airbox as well as the machined cylinder head require an individually adapted mapping in order to generate the highest possible performance. In meticulous precision work, the triple was trained over ten hp more on the in-house test bench – now 145 horses are tugging on the chain. The engine has no sagging and revs up lively up to the rev limiter. The transmission, which is difficult to shift in the production bike, has to be quilted even faster than usual. An automatic gearshift makes work easier, at least when upshifting. Shifting down remains an act of strength with obstacles.

After a hot turn, as a big soccer with shoe size 45, I sheared off the screw from the gear reducer! A gimmick, the efficiency of which the dynamometer unfortunately cannot measure, is the "kiss mouth" intake funnel designed and laminated by Bretter. The tuner hopes that when the vehicle is in motion, large quantities of fresh air will enter the air filter box and, as the back pressure in the air box increases, provide more horsepower. If it works? Hard to say.

Bretter’s interpretation of a ram air inlet: The kiss-mouth-shaped part should bring plenty of fresh air to the airbox.

Unfortunately, Team Bretter was also unlucky this year. Parts that were ordered arrived too late or not at all, such as a set of light forged wheels or the desired chassis. A lot of time was lost waiting for the parts. Time that was then lacking in fine-tuning. The Öhlins components from a Daytona 675 R that were inevitably used were a shadow of their own, which was immediately reflected in the lap times. The rear of the Speedy pumped heavily with the standard setting. If you calm the stern using the damping, the response was lost and the Triumph rumbled over bumps.

The Continental slick with a high 190/60 cross-section tried its best, took over some of the damping work and swallowed a lot of bumps. But it couldn’t hide the weaknesses of the chassis at the rear and certainly couldn’t develop 100 percent of its grip. Something went wrong up forehead too. The ceramic brake discs ordered did not happen. Nevertheless, no stone was left unturned, the pistons of the Brembo calipers were coated and the brake pump was given a different lever, braking brake discs installed and the ABS deactivated. So the fast-paced Brit could be braked with a lot of hand strength, but easy to dose. We hope that Bretter will complete the project, which has now cost 25,000 euros, and we would be very happy to enjoy it.


Achievement: Bretter-Triumph Speed ​​Triple.


Weight: 204 kg
front / rear: 51.5 / 48.5%
Power: 145 hp
Price: 25,000 euros

Performance diagram:
The author loves such a performance development – especially for wheeling. A very even increase in performance not only makes the dance on the rear wheel predictable. You can accelerate safely and powerfully even from a deep incline.

Klaus Bretter presents his Triumph Speed ​​Triple at the PS Tuner GP 2012.

Naked bike

Driving report: Triumph Speed ​​Triple R

Triumph’s tightened naked bike

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