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BMW, electriceye

BMW R 1250 GS with hybrid drive

Patent application fuels rumor mill

Is BMW planning a new R 1250 GS with hybrid drive? In any case, a recently filed patent application is fueling the rumor mill.

D.he patent specification shows an electric motor that is docked to the crankshaft via a planetary gear and a clutch.

The electric motor can not only support the combustion engine, it can also serve as a starter and generator. Such a configuration would be conceivable in view of the increasingly strict consumption and emission requirements. But since BMW has already upgraded the Boxer with the ShiftCam system to meet the upcoming Euro 5 standard, a hybrid variant will be a long time coming. Often the manufacturers simply patent the corresponding systems in order to protect the idea. However, implementation is never really planned. BMW had already announced a GS with hybrid drive in 2017 – at the time, however, it was just an April joke.


The variable tank offers space for a removable battery.

A second patent, which concerns a variable fuel tank, also suggests a possible hybrid concept. The fuel barrel, which is variable in the lower area, can offer space for a removable battery. On long journeys, the tank volume could grow again due to the removed battery.

Wunderlich with a similar prototype

BMW accessories specialist Wunderlich presented a BMW R 1200 GS prototype with a hybrid drive back in 2015. The batteries were then housed in the suitcases. A 7.6 kW electric motor was also used in the front wheel hub of the Wunderlich prototype. MOTORRAD looked at the system at the time. It turned out that the electric motor on the Wunderlich bike had a particularly positive impact on maneuvering the bike. At that time, the motor could be switched to reverse mode using a toggle switch. It remains to be seen whether BMW will also rely on such a function for a production bike.

Some time ago, Wunderlich also put a prototype GS with hybrid drive on the wheels.

It is also conceivable that other models will also be equipped with such a hybrid engine, provided that BMW actually decides to follow up on the patent application. Finally, the new shift cam motor that drives the BMW R 1250 GS is also used in the R 1250 RS, R 1250 R and R 1250 RT models.


Should BMW put an R 1250 GS with hybrid drive on the wheels?

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