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Ilmberger Carbon

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Ilmberger Carbon

Fine parts are built into the BMW S 1000 RR Racing project bike.

Ilmberger Carbon

For this purpose, Ilmberger Carbon and alpha Racing worked together on an S 1000 RR model year 2019.

Ilmberger Carbon

The tank cover from Ilmberger Carbon costs 379.90 euros.

Ilmberger Carbon

The seat unit in combination with the carbon rear costs 599.90 euros in the Ilmberger shop.

Ilmberger Carbon

Fairing parts are partly available as a set, but also as individual components.

Ilmberger Carbon

The fairing parts are intended to optimize the aerodynamics of the S 1000 RR.

Ilmberger Carbon

Alpha Racing takes care of the cooling management with the handmade aluminum cooler.

Ilmberger Carbon

The rear silencer comes from GPR.

Ilmberger Carbon

Öhlins also takes care of the suspension on the front wheel, brake discs come from alpha Racing, the fenders from Ilmberger Carbon.

Ilmberger Carbon

The carbon cover for the swing arm costs 199.90 euros each on the left and right.

Ilmberger Carbon

The set of four carbon paneling parts for the front and side panels and the front spoiler amounts to 1,899.89 euros.

Ilmberger Carbon

The carbon fiber parts should each be 70 percent lighter than the original components.

Ilmberger Carbon

They are covered with a clear plastic layer that is supposed to protect them from scratches.

BMW S 1000 RR Racing for the racetrack

Project bike from Ilmberger Carbon and Alpha Racing

That’s what comes out when Ilmberger Carbon and Alpha Racing work together on a 2019 BMW S 1000 RR – a project bike, refined and optimized for use on the racetrack.

There is always room for improvement. In this way, high-performance sports motorcycles can also be further optimized for the racetrack. And for that you have I.lmberger Carbon and Alpha Racing teamed up, buttoned up a BMW S 1000 RR and swapped all parts for components from their own shelves.

Technology from the WorldSBK

Alpha Racing takes care of the water and oil cooling. The hand-welded aluminum cooler weighs 4.3 kilograms and is worth 2,990 euros. Among other things, it is installed in BMW motorcycles that compete in the WorldSBK and the World Endurance Championship. Alpha Racing also contributes the multi-adjustable footrest system, which can only be used on the racetrack; it can be used with and without reverse gear (649 euros). In addition, there are the thumb brakes and the brake discs from the Alpha Racing parts shelf, which are priced between 155 and 464.10 euros. On the software side, the BMW M Race Calibration Kit from Alpha Racing is used (5,890 euros).

Ilmberger Carbon is dedicated to the aerodynamically optimized racing fairing. The range includes, for example, an air inlet duct (169.90 euros), the alternator cover (179.90 euros), a front spoiler that also serves as an underrun protection (599.90 euros), a clutch cover (199.90 euros), the tank cover (379.00 euros) 90 euros), cover for the swing arm (left and right 199.90 euros each) and a cladding set of four parts for the front and side panels and the front spoiler (1,899.89 euros). These and more components are also available separately.

70 percent lighter parts

All around, the carbon parts should each be 70 percent lighter than the original. In addition, the parts have a clear plastic coating that is supposed to protect the carbon fibers from scratches and UV rays.

But that was still not it for the BMW S 1000 RR Racing. OZ Motorbike is contributing the forged rims, the strut and fork conversion come from Öhlins and the rear silencer from GPR.

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