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FMW Motorcycles.

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FMW Motorcycles.

Italian Resilience was put on its wheels by FMW Motorcycles.

FMW Motorcycles.

The custom bike is based on the Yamaha GTS 1000.

FMW Motorcycles.

Much of the original sports tourer can no longer be recognized.

FMW Motorcycles.

Most of the paintwork is black.

FMW Motorcycles.

Red color elements can also be seen.

FMW Motorcycles.

The model name "Italian resilience" must not be missing.

FMW Motorcycles.

The Italian customizer does not reveal how much the conversion cost.

FMW Motorcycles.

The duration of the renovation work is also not known.

FMW Motorcycles.

The stub axle steering from the original bike has been revised.

FMW Motorcycles.

Many components were made by hand from aluminum.


For comparison: This is what the GTS 1000 looks like in its original form.

Yamaha GTS 1000 Italian Resilience

Custom bike from FMW Motorcycles

The Italian customizers from FMW Motorcycles have a successful conversion based on the Yamaha GTS 1000 called "Italian resilience" put on wheels.

There is a lot of the original Yamaha tourer in the so-called "Italian resilience" from FMW Motorcycles no longer recognizable. The Italian customizers have the Yamaha from 1993 and turned the classic into an aggressive naked bike in a predominantly black paintwork with red color elements. In order to be able to put the conversion on the wheels in the form shown, a large number of components had to be produced in-house. Various components from the original bike are also still used at Italian Resilience.

Organ donation from other motorcycles

As with the original GTS 1000, a stub axle steering is also used in the Italian Resilience, which, however, was extensively revised by the Italian customizers and painted red in the last manufacturing process. Attentive readers of should not have missed the fact that the steering knuckle has become a bigger topic again in the recent past – especially Kawasaki (see Bimota-Kawasaki Tesi H2) seem to have increased interest in it. Instead of the original fork, the customizers from FMW Motorcycles used the Yamaha YZF-R6. At the rear, a single-sided swing arm from the Honda VFR 800 is used, which is combined with a Buell Cyclone Showa shock absorber.

FMW Motorcycles.

Not much can be seen of the original GTS 1000.

The wheels were also designed in-house. Here, too, FMW Motorcycles used Honda, more precisely the Honda VFR and the Honda NSR. Unmistakably, the disguise of the former sports tourer also had to give way. In principle, nothing has been changed on the in-line four-cylinder of the GTS 1000. The engine still delivers 100 hp at 9,000 rpm. However, the injection liner was replaced with a carburetor from the Yamaha FZR 1000 from 1987, which is why the tank had to be replaced with a new component. Many other components were handcrafted from aluminum by the Italian customizers. FMW Motorcycles does not reveal how much time the conversion took and how much it cost. Incidentally, with the Italian Resilience, the Italians want to take part in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building in October.


With the Italian Resilience, the Italian customizers from FMW Motorcycles show the potential of a GTS 1000 from 1993. The conversion was made with great attention to detail and lots of handcrafted components that are impressive.

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