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BMW Supercruiser and R 1150 RX

Made afloat

On both sides of the Atlantic, BMW has identified some purchase potential and wants to tap into it with two model variants: a Supercruiser based on the R 1200 C and a mildly combative R 1150 R version.

After Christmas is before Christmas. And after the fairs is….

I mean: it’s new again. In camera, if possible, but sometimes it does happen. As in the case of BMW: Far from home, expert observers spotted two new Bayern motorcycles during test drives, the MOTORRAD drawings already show their series status fairly accurately.
Innovation one: a tightened form of the roadster. The R 1150 R presented in 2000 sells even better than expected, and there was even talk of short-term delivery times. So it was obvious, this success? so far around 8000 copies have been sold worldwide ?? To increase a little more, to bring cheeky customers into the white and blue boat. That’s why the new one has a touch of Streetfighter around the front. Not as polarizing as with Triumph’s Speed ​​Triple, but at least as fast as with the small BMW F 650 CS Scarver. In any case, the front end of the Roadster is reminiscent of their combined lamp and instrument mounts; like the F, it encases a pair of small Elypsoid headlights. Above the instruments, protected by a slightly raised windshield. One floor below, a conventional but slender fender brings momentum to the matter; it remains unclear whether the fork tubes and the wishbone will be matt black or will continue to shimmer silver. Technically, nothing changes in the successful undisguised, at best it can be expected that ?? in both variants ?? from 2003 the 850 boxer also works.
In contrast to the R 1150 R, the BMW cruiser had to undergo a truly fundamental transformation on its way to becoming a typical US road cruiser. There is no longer any trace of the rather crouched appearance of the R 1200 C: Placed much higher than on the cruiser, the driver can be protected by a handlebar cover that extends in every direction. On the side it protrudes almost to the handlebar ends. Before the ?? safe height-adjustable seat ?? A visibly grown, wide petrol barrel arches, the exhaust air from the oil cooler escapes through air ducts set into the side of the tank.
D.he rear of the Supercruiser is loaded with everything that makes it easier to cross the continent, with a huge topcase and two panniers, a generous pillion seat with back and armrests. While the passenger puts his feet on wide pegs, the driver gets real running boards. He is probably allowed to stir in a six-speed gearbox with overdrive on the left, and on the right he operates an integral brake by hand or foot. On the throttle and possibly via cruise control, it still commands over 61 hp. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?

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