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Bmw motorcycle

With the X2City, BMW has presented a new electric kick scooter.

Bmw motorcycle

At least a moped driver’s license is required for use.

Bmw motorcycle

The new BMW X2City will be available in four color variants.

Bmw motorcycle

The blue variant is the start.

Bmw motorcycle

The X2City in gray looks a little more inconspicuous.

Bmw motorcycle

Those who like it a little stronger could find happiness with the red X2City.

Bmw motorcycle

Last but not least: the black version.

Bmw motorcycle

It will be available from February 4, 2019.

Bmw motorcycle

The maximum speed is 20 km / h.

Bmw motorcycle

Prices start at 2,399 euros.

BMW X2City in the driving report

E-scooters for the city

With the X2City, BMW has presented a new electric kick scooter that is approved for use on public roads and bike paths. It will be available from February 2019 and cost 2,399 euros. We drove it and reported.

M.ith the X2City, BMW obviously wants to reach new target groups. The new e-scooter should be particularly suitable for use in the city. Like the other e-scooters with approval, it can be used on cycle paths. If there is no bike path, you have to use the road. According to BMW, the X2City is the first small electric vehicle that can be driven in public according to the new federal government ordinance. A minimum age of 14 years applies to all e-scooters, including the BMW X2City; a driver’s license is not required. However, an insurance number is required. For the first 2,000 buyers, BMW pays the insurance costs for the first year. There is no obligation to wear a helmet.

Test drive with the BMW X2City

When it comes to drive, BMW relies on a geared hub motor with freewheel. We do the test drive in Bamberg – including cobblestones and serious inclines. A real challenge for most e-scooters, because they usually do without complex spring elements and chassis constructions.

Thanks to the 16-inch tubular tires, the BMW X2City can withstand the countless small knocks of the cobblestones surprisingly well. Even when the speedometer shows more than 30 km / h downhill. No jumping, no tugging of the steering, everything is neutral – and all that without any spring elements. Length runs smoothly and the X2City draws on the full. The Small Electric Vehicle Ordinance (eFKV) stipulates a maximum length of two meters, the BMW comes to 1.50 meters.

Dino Eisele

Luca Leicht (right), editor at auto motor und sport, extensively test-driven the BMW X2City.

It runs rather mediocre uphill. But this is mainly due to the drive concept and less to the engine power. The geared hub electric motor in the rear wheel has an output of 250 watts and is controlled by external Marquardt power electronics. That should be enough, also because the peak load call is only capped at 25 ampere minutes. The real problem with the X2City are two cornerstones of operation. On the one hand, the electric scooter has to be brought to six km / h by the driver before the motor can even be activated. Not exactly comfortable uphill on a scooter weighing around 20 kilograms. On the other hand, the e-machine is not controlled by a twist grip or rotary switch, as is known from motorcycles or most other electrified e-kick scooters. Instead, the rider has to step on a pedal that is attached to the back of the footboard, directly in front of the rear wheel. Depending on the driving style, ranges between 20 and 30 kilometers should be possible.

Not really suitable for the trunk

In terms of size, the BMW scooter is a real boom among e-scooters. The last mile concept to take with you should be difficult to implement with it, because the handlebars can be folded down, but to accommodate the e-scooter in a VW Caddy, for example, we still had to fold down the back seat.

Philipp heise

Here in the picture: not the VW Caddy, but the trunk of the Kia Sportage, in which Philipp Heise, editor of our sister magazine Promobil, which X2City has shipped on a trial basis. You can read his pros and cons list further down in the article.

This suggests that the BMW X2City would like to be an independent vehicle. This is also supported by the pricing: 2,399 euros. For this, however, it also rolls up with a welded tubular aluminum frame, Supernova LED front and rear lights as well as a step board measuring around 22 by 40 centimeters and on-board computer.

The battery can be removed in a few simple steps, so the battery can also be charged at home at the socket. The battery should be fully charged within 2.5 hours. In addition, BMW has given the X2City a USB port that can be used to charge the smartphone while driving. A Bluetooth interface is also integrated, which should interact with suitable apps in the future.

The new BMW X2City has been available since February 4, 2019. Interested parties can choose between the colors gray, blue, red and black. Prices in Germany start at 2,399 euros.

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Test impressions of the X2City

Sophia pfisterer

Sophia Pfisterer from tests the X2City in downtown Stuttgart. The mountainous topography is a challenge for the drive concept.

Test impressions from Sophia Pfisterer (

“It’s great that there are finally e-scooters that are approved for road use so that you don’t have to circumvent sedate pedestrians on the sidewalk in a semi-illegal manner. So I swap my e-bike for an e-pedal for three days. My first impression: what a hoot! The scooter is so big that I can’t get it on the elevator. That’s why I quickly notice as I carry it three floors down the stairwell: The BMW X2City is also quite heavy. Negative point, but to be honest: My e-bike is at least as heavy and bulky.

The e-motor only switches on as soon as the e-scooter is brought to 6 km / h with its own power. Stupid in the hilly city ​​of Stuttgart if you try to start on the mountain. Again and again I have to brake on inclines to give way or because of a traffic light. I work up a sweat when I go up the mountain. A few times I can’t even get the heavy scooter up to 6 km / h and then have to push it. On the other hand, the scooter drives wonderfully on a flat stretch. The steering is easy and smooth. Cornering and side bending feel safe and stable, even if I only have one hand on the handlebars to give hand signals to turn with the other. The e-scooter even bounces over small curbs and cobblestones. "

Test impressions from Philipp Heise (promobil / Caravaning)

Philipp heise

The X2City wants to be an e-scooter on an e-bike level. After all, you don’t just pack your e-bike in every trunk or carry it up several steps on a regular basis.


  • stable and solidly built
  • very high quality components (lights, brakes, ergo grips)
  • big wheels -> good for curbs, potholes and manhole covers
  • lots of space on the running board
  • external charging port in the front frame
  • removable battery
  • decent battery range
  • great lighting with brake light
  • The display is easy to read and the brightness can be adjusted
  • Display pin as an immobilizer

Philipp heise

It’s a bit big for the S-Bahn, especially because it doesn’t fit in every elevator. You don’t like to regularly carry 20 kilos up and down stairs to platforms.


  • a bit too bulky for the train, for many elevators and some trunk (rear seats have to be folded down)
  • Weight -> Not everyone carries 20 kilos up and down the stairs; Starting up on the mountain is also a challenge
  • relatively large turning circle
  • no storage option ex works (basket or similar)
  • no alarm function
  • no warning function if the stand is still folded out when driving off
  • Motor too weak for steep inclines
  • The accelerator is where I would have expected the rear brake
  • The level system for power delivery is not very intuitive. Twist grip or thumb throttle might be more appropriate.
  • Folding mechanism -> The folded handlebars can damage the paintwork on the frame
  • high purchase price
  • No integrated lock (a frame lock on the rear wheel would be great)

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