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The new Brekr Model B two-wheeler should be particularly suitable for use in the city.


The bike can currently be pre-ordered for 9 euros.


The total price is 3,890 euros.


Delivery is scheduled to start in spring 2020.


Two batteries fit in the storage compartment under the seat and allow a range of up to 160 kilometers.


In December, pre-orderers can configure their bike according to their own preferences.

Brekr Model B

New electric two-wheeler from the Netherlands

With the Brekr Model B, a new electric two-wheeler from the Netherlands is in the starting blocks. The moped can be pre-ordered now.

M.ith the Model B, the Dutch newcomer Brekr is bringing a new two-wheeler that is primarily intended for use in the city. If you now ask yourself the legitimate question whether there was already Model A before, you will be disappointed – Model B is the first model of the Dutch based in Doetinchem. From a purely visual point of view, the vehicle is a little difficult to classify. Brekr focuses more on a simple, but not necessarily inconspicuous design.

Variants with 25 km / h and 45 km / h

The Brekr bike is driven by an electric motor, which, depending on the configuration, enables a maximum top speed of 25 or 45 km / h. The manufacturer does not reveal which engine this is for the time being. Under the bench there is storage space for two batteries with a capacity of 1.9 kWh each, which can be easily removed. Depending on the driving style, a range of 50 to 80 kilometers is possible for each battery. Overall, the bike can do a maximum of 100 to 160 kilometers at a time. The charging time for a battery, which incidentally weighs ten kilograms, is five hours. Due to the numerous aluminum components, the newcomer, including a battery, weighs 62 kilograms. Spring elements at the front and rear should also ensure driving comfort. For the tires, the manufacturer has opted for Michelin tires of size 100/90 R17.


There is space for two battery blocks in the storage space under the bench.

The bike can also be linked to mobile devices using a smartphone app. The manufacturer has given the unconventional vehicle a GPS module, which means that owners can query the location at any time. Apart from that, the app can be used to query further information such as the charge status of the batteries. In order to be noticed in city traffic due to the quiet electric motor, Brekr equips the bike with a special sound effect. There is a sample of it in the following video:

Delivery is scheduled to begin in spring 2020

Not all components of the Brekr bike come from the Netherlands. For example, some components such as the frame are made in Taiwan. Tea batteries, on the other hand, are manufactured in the Netherlands. The assembly also takes place in our neighboring country. The two-wheeler can currently be pre-ordered for 9 euros on the official website. From December 2019, pre-orderers can configure their own variant. Delivery is scheduled for spring 2020. Incidentally, the total price is 3,890 euros. Initially, there will be a limited number of pieces for the Netherlands, Belgium and also Germany. Thereafter, the establishment could take place in other markets.

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