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BMW prototypes

At the pre-start

If you choose September 28, the date of the planned performance, as the career start of the BMW HP2 Endurance, it is now practically at the preliminary start. Photos taken in secret suggest this view of things.

AT.ll probably no longer take the secrecy of the replica of the endurance racing boxer too seriously.

Because it was evidently a public test appointment with potential BMW customers, which the test department used to try out three prototypes or even pre-series machines that were already largely series-produced. Tea quick-witted owner of a good quality camera phone did the rest.
Its amazingly good image resolution shows some interesting details, first of all the rear silencer. Elegantly and positively placed under the dainty rear fairing, the stainless steel case demonstrates the design potential of such a solution after a few stylistic questions, including the Ducati 999 and the BWM R 1200 S. Especially since it is advantageously supplemented by a taillight, indicator and license plate holder, which was constructed on the same principle as those from Honda Fireblade and Kawasaki ZX-10R, but whose narrow LED light strips are much less bulky than on Japanese motorcycles. Unfortunately, even the detailed shots of the rear still cannot reveal whether this is designed as a self-supporting carbon part, as is the case with the racing machines, or whether it is given a welded rear frame due to lower costs and risk minimization in terms of durability.
Only the finest parts will be used in the brake system: the latest generation of radially screwed Brembo monoblocs, radial pumps and brake lines, which, due to their small diameter, have to be steel-sheathed or made of Kevlar. Whether the sensor rims in the wheels of the series machines serve an ABS or, as in the racing motorcycles, a slip control, BMW will probably not reveal until September 28th at the trade fair in Paris.
Then the secret of the new cylinder heads will finally be revealed. From the outside, the only thing that is noticeable is that the valve covers made of carbon are now only fitted with two instead of four screws, and they are also in different places than on the previous boxers. The new heads stretch much wider towards the inlet side than the old ones; this also suggests drastically enlarged duct cross-sections as well as the rather thick exhaust manifold. Otherwise, an output of just under 140 hp in the racing boxer and over 130 hp in the homologated series offshoot would not be possible. At least it is now clear that this series offshoot has the type code HP2, as MOTORRAD always suspected. The addition "Endurance", on the other hand, is still a ?? plausible albeit ?? speculation.

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