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Bogo tandem e-scooter

Kick scooter for two people presented

The US startup Bogo wants to compete with the big players in e-scooter sharing with an e-scooter for two people.

NOTAccording to Allegra Steinberg, Bogo co-founder, the new double stand was developed primarily for safety reasons.

Many accidents with e-scooters can be observed that are due to the fact that they are used to transport two people. The Bogo Scooter is intended to solve this problem by providing a second handlebar behind the driver to provide a secure hold for a passenger. The Bogo Scooter is also almost twice as long as the competition’s single scooters.

Approval in Germany unlikely

While the normal e-scooters have only just been original original version in this country (costs for a so-called small electric vehicle approx. 30 euros per year), it cannot be assumed that the Bogo scooter can also be moved legally in Germany. Siegfried Brockmann from the accident research of the insurers, for example, already reported massive concerns in an interview with Spiegel. It is true that more and more people are standing on an e-scooter, but action must be taken instead of legalizing it. In the case of abrupt braking maneuvers or changes of direction by the driver, the risk of accidents on the tandem scooter is very high in two-person operation.


Well-known models such as the Lime-S only have one person.

Our deputy test boss Johannes Müller cannot take the concept seriously either. His opinion when asked: “The tandem e-scooter? Good idea! The excessive security fanaticism has been on my watch for a long time. I expressly support the fact that two Darwin candidates can now also concretise each other in tandem in an inner-city-electric way. Five out of five stars! "

Coming soon in the US

Bogo wants to offer the new scooters as sharing scooters in major cities in Nevada and California in just a few weeks. E-scooters that can be rented at any time are currently booming in major cities around the world, especially in the USA. The price of the Bogo Scooter should be in the range of the single scooter competition. A one-time fee of one dollar plus 15 cents per minute will cost approximately and the scooter can be parked almost anywhere.

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