Discovery – Report: diving into the heart of the Yamaha Tmax Mania 2013 – Homage to the King

Anay Kshirsagar.

7th Pictures

Anay Kshirsagar.

This computer rendering was made by the Indian designer Anay Kshirsagar.

Anay Kshirsagar.

Audacieux shows his idea for a motorcycle from the French car manufacturer Bugatti.

Anay Kshirsagar.

The design of the Audacieux looks, well, let’s say very futuristic.

Anay Kshirsagar.

Technical data are not known.

Anay Kshirsagar.

We assume that Bugatti has no serious interest in the development of two-wheelers.

Anay Kshirsagar.

The French focus primarily on very sporty hypersport vehicles.


Would you like a little example? This is Bugatti Chiron.

Bugatti Bold (concept bike)

This is what a Bugatti motorcycle could look like

Anay Kshirsagar shows with his design drawing "Bold", what a Bugatti motorcycle could look like. At first glance, the concept bike catches the eye with its very futuristic look.

M.ith his computer renderings called Bugatti Audacieux, Indian designer Anay Kshirsaga shows how he imagines a Bugatti motorcycle. The French luxury car manufacturer is known to be dedicated to the development of high-performance hypersport vehicles. At first glance, observers should notice that the concept bike looks very futuristic. It should be clear that the bike in this form would have problems with a street legal – but that is not really important in computer rendering.

Aerodynamic torpedo shape

Since Bugatti cars are not necessarily associated with restraint, Kshirsaga decided to focus on a certain pinch of elegance paired with aerodynamic shapes for his Bugatti motorcycle. The designer has set himself the goal of incorporating as many shapes and design elements as possible from the Bugatti cars into the motorcycle. For example, the C-line that can be seen on the side of the Bugatti Chiron and the horseshoe grill can also be found in a modified form on the Audacieux. The shape of the Bugatti bike is a bit reminiscent of that

Anay Kshirsagar.

The design of the Bugatti motorcycle looks very futuristic.

Otherwise nothing is really known about the Daring in terms of technical details. Apparently, however, Kshirsaga provided an electric drive. In any case, it is difficult to imagine that Bugatti could actually show interest in developing a two-wheeler. Nevertheless, the computer rendering is well worth seeing.


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A Bugatti motorcycle would polarize in any case, which is best equipped with high-end components, would have something. It is very likely that this will not happen.

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