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Bullit motorcycles

Bullit Bluroc 250

250cc V2 in retro style

With the Bluroc 250, the Belgian motorcycle manufacturer Bullit Motorcycles is entering the V2 world for the first time. But they are also made in China.

B.For a long time, the Belgian motorcycle manufacturer Bullit Motorcycles, yes, Bullit with only one T (presumably they wanted to avoid any legal problems with the naming), mostly models with 50 and 125 cc displacement in their range.

As with many competitors in this segment, the Bullit models come from China. Selling is based on the price and the delicious retro look.

First V2 model

With the new Bullit Bluroc 250, the Belgians are increasing in displacement. In the classic tubular steel frame with cantilever rear swing arm there is an air-cooled V2, which is combined with a five-speed gearbox. The four-stroke twin, which is said to come from the Chinese supplier Lifan, makes 17 hp. This should enable the 151 kilogram Bluroc 250 to reach a whopping 125 km / h.

Bullit motorcycles

The retro look of the Bluroc is accentuated by the black lacquered spoke wheels, the short fenders at the front and rear, the round headlights with protective bars, the short, straight seat and the teardrop-shaped tank as well as the side number plates. The V2 exhales through a deep-drawn 2-in-1 stainless steel exhaust system. The conventional fork is equipped with bellows. Numerous add-on parts are kept matt black. Braking power is provided by single-disc systems on both wheels. The rough profile should bring a shot of scrambler to the concept.

The Bullit Bluroc 250 is offered in two color variants. The Belgians have not yet given a price. But that should be just under 4,000 euros.

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