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The Brixton Crossfire 500 costs 5,999 euros.


The X version (here in black) is available from 6,299 euros.


The water-cooled in-line two-cylinder has a displacement of 486 cm³.


The peak output of 48 hp is called up at 8,500 rpm. The Crossfire fits into the popular class of A2 motorcycles.



In the black version, the Brixton Crossfire 500 X also comes with a black handlebar.


Both versions are available in either silver or black.


Striking: the angular shaped tank of the Crossfire 500 / X.


According to the manufacturer, consumption should be four liters per 100 kilometers.


The X version comes with a modified rear, straight bench.


It is also equipped with a wider handlebar and a large Pirelli MT 60 profile in a scrambler look.


It rolls in with a 6-speed manual transmission.


The wheelbase is 1,416 millimeters, and it is 2,117 millimeters long in total.


The seat height is 795 millimeters.


The Crossfire 500 weighs 190 kilograms, while the X variant weighs 180 kilograms.


Both Crossfire 500 are equipped with an adjustable KYB chassis at the front and rear.


The brake system from the Spanish manufacturer J. Juan works with a Bosch ABS.


Pirelli tires, an exhaust system made entirely of stainless steel and aluminum spoked wheels are part of the standard trim.


A modern LED headlight shines in front.


The Crossfire 500 and Crossfire 500 X should be available in stores from August / September 2020.

Brixton Crossfire 500 / X (2020)

Retro bike with a stylish tank for the A2 class

Designed in Austria, manufactured in China, equipped with parts from well-known manufacturers: The Brixton Crossfire 500 / X wants to offer the best overall package in the A2 class at a fair price.

UConventional presentation, unconventional bikes: Brixton is the retro and individualist brand of the Austrian KSR Group. Due to the current situation, the brand presented its latest and most powerful and technically largely identical offspring with the two models Brixton Crossfire 500 and Crossfire 500X via an online event. With an elaborately produced video and directly from the Austrian headquarters, the international trade press was provided with all the details about the new half-liter model Crossfire 500. With it, the manufacturer wants to build on the growth of recent years and, according to its own statement, as usual "be different from anything else available on the market". Brixton entered the international motorcycle scene in 2015 with the BX 125 and so far only offered beginner-friendly 125 and 250 cc bikes.


No matter if with "X" or without, the tank of the Crossfire 500 is an absolute eye-catcher.

The vision: Pure motorcycling, with a good dose of style, excellent quality and reliability at an affordable price. A 500cc bike was the next logical step, especially to gain a foothold on the European market. And that’s not all: machines with significantly more cubic capacity are already being developed. However, managing director Michael Kirschenhofer has not yet let out any details.

Brixton Crossfire 500 from 5,999 euros

Back to the Crossfire: Your in-line two-cylinder with 486 cm³ displacement fully utilizes the 48 HP power allowed in the A2 category and, in combination with 180 kg (Crossfire 500 X) or 190 kg (Crossfire 500) empty weight, should be good for quite entertaining hours on the country road. The consumption is given as 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

There are also a number of high-quality components: adjustable KYB chassis at the front and rear, J. Juan brake system, Bosch ABS, Pirelli tires, LED headlights, LCD cockpit, exhaust system made entirely of stainless steel and aluminum spoked wheels. In terms of price, the Crossfire does not target the low budget or the premium segment: The first 500 from Brixton costs 5,999 euros, or 6,299 euros for the X version, which has a modified rear, straight seat, wider handlebars and a coarse Pirelli MT 60 profile in Scrambler optics starts.

Overview Crossfire 500 and X version

Crossfire 500: License plate holder hovers over the rear wheel, seat with a slight hump, 757 mm wide handlebar, Pirelli Angel ST, 5,999 euros.
Crossfire 500 X: License plate holder runs in the extension of the rear, straight seat, 851 mm wide handlebars, coarse Pirelli MT 60 profile, 6,299 euros.


The Brixton Crossfire 500 / X should cover a wide range of uses and impress with its natural, easy drivability, from the daily relaxed commute to the sporty, ambitious home route lap. On paper and optically, the balancing act between style, value and practical utility succeeds in any case. We are looking forward to the first real test kilometers.

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