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CCM Spitfire

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CCM Spitfire

CCM is returning to the cinema as a motorcycle supplier. In the Marvel movie "Black widow".

CCM Spitfire

In line with this, the CCM Spitfire is being launched as a special blackout model.

CCM Spitfire

The bike is of course completely covered in black.

CCM Spitfire

The engine receives a new mapping, the transmission an adapted translation.

CCM Spitfire

The Blackout is available from around 10,000 euros.

CCM Spitfire Blackout

Dodgers to the film comeback

The British motorcycle manufacturer CCM has launched the Spitfire as a special blackout model. This celebrates the brand comeback in Marvel films "Black Widow" with Scarlett Johansson.

Comeback because Lara Croft in the 2001 film Tomb Raider on one VS.CM ran across the screen. Black Widow – so black widow and blackout – it is clear where the journey is headed.

Black is trump

The new CCM is based on the well-known Spitfire as a scrambler and is completely black. The frame of the Blackout is powder-coated in black. Triple clamps, cylinder head covers and the strut spring are, like other details, in contrasting red. The spoke wheels, 19 inch at the front and 17 inch at the rear, are also black and fitted with coarse Mitas tires. The single-cylinder engine was electronically retuned for the special model, and the six-speed gearbox was redesigned in its gradations. Additional features include a double-pipe silencer installed high on the right-hand side and a red, cross-quilted bench seat covered with suede.

The 600 single-cylinder in the Blackout has 55 hp and 50 Nm of torque. The dry weight of the Spitfire is given as 142 kilograms. The tank holds 14 liters.

The CCM Spitfire Blackout is now available for prices starting at 9,980 euros. Various option packages are also available for the motorcycle. A limitation was not mentioned. The marvel movie "Black widow" by the way, should come to cinemas in early November 2020.

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