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CF Moto

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CF Moto

The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CF Moto has now presented its first electric motorcycle.

CF Moto

The CF Moto 300GT-E is designed for police service.

CF Moto

The window on the full fairing is height adjustable.

CF Moto

The lighting is of course based on LED technology.

CF Moto

All the locks are linked via a keyless system.

CF Moto

The liquid-cooled electric motor has an output of 18 kW.

CF Moto

The lithium-ion battery enables an everyday range of 150 kilometers.

CF Moto

The disc brake system is combined with ABS.

CF Moto 300GT-E

Electric police motorcycle for China

The KTM China partner CF Moto has now presented its first all-electric motorcycle. The CF Moto 300GT-E competes in the guise of a police motorcycle.

At the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer VS.F Moto has a clear commitment to the topic of electric motorcycles. Now the Chinese have presented their first electric bike. The CF Moto 300GT-E is dressed as a police motorcycle, but also marks the first step on the way to a purely electric sub-brand of the Chinese.

150 kilometers everyday range

With its electric drive, CF Moto is geared towards performing its administrative services in Chinese megacities with zero emissions. The electric drive consists of a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor that drives the rear wheel via a toothed belt. The liquid-cooled electric motor has an output of 18 kW and is supposed to make the authorities cycle up to 120 km / h. The battery, which is equipped with a quick charge function, should enable an everyday range of 150 kilometers.

CF Moto

The special police equipment includes a communication system, satellite navigation, an online connection for database queries and a keyless system for the ignition and the side cases.

Furthermore, the CF Moto relies on LED lighting, full fairing with a height-adjustable disc, 17-inch aluminum wheels, ABS, a USD fork and a rear central spring strut.

The CF Moto 300GT-E is scheduled to start its police service in selected major cities in China at the end of November.


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The future of the two-wheeler for urban traffic.

There is no getting around the electric motorcycle.

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