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Vlad klepach.

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Vlad klepach.

This custom bike was put on wheels by Ziller’s garage.

Vlad klepach.

A BMW R nineT served as the basis.

Vlad klepach.

Not much can be seen of the original retro bike from BMW.

Vlad klepach.

Many components were handmade in-house.

Vlad klepach.

No adjustments were made to the engine.

Vlad klepach.

Luminous BMW logos contribute to the elegant design.

Vlad klepach.

The cladding was made of aluminum.

Vlad klepach.

The Russian customizers have not commented on the weight or the costs incurred.

Vlad klepach.

Various elements such as the speedometer are integrated in the cladding.

Vlad klepach.

The logo of the Russian custom forge can also be found in some places.

BMW R nineT from Ziller’s Garage

Extreme remodeling from Russia

The Russian custom bike manufacturer Zillers Garage has put an extreme motorcycle based on the BMW R nineT on its wheels. Not much of the original basic motorcycle can be recognized.

Actually, the BMW inspires R. nineT offers its fans a simple but very chic retro look. Accordingly, the R nineT converted by Ziller’s garage has little to do with the original motorcycle, at least visually. The Russian custom bike manufacturer, in collaboration with John Red Design, has given the R nineT an aluminum casing that makes the retro bike appear much more voluminous. The new fairing gives the bike a so-called steampunk look.

Motor remains untouched

Ziller’s garage made no changes to the engine. As before, the BMW boxer engine with 1,170 cc and 110 hp is used. Various other components of the motorcycle, however, as can be seen at first glance, have been replaced. Further components were handmade in-house. New features include indicators integrated in the cladding, modified controls that have also been integrated into the cladding, a USB port and a modified wheel set. The now digitally displayed speedometer found its place on the tank. Illuminated BMW logos not only attract attention at night.

Vlad klepach.

A particularly large number of the original BMW R nineT can no longer be recognized.

In order to let the bike sink down to the asphalt, at least when stationary, an air suspension with height adjustment was integrated. The exhaust system is an in-house production. The brakes come from Brembo. When it comes to lighting, the Russians use a round HID headlamp, which is harmoniously integrated into the overall look. New wire rims round off the design.

Originally the BMW R nineT from Ziller’s Garage was supposed to be presented to the public at the Motovesna Motorcycle Show. The fair, which should have taken place in Moscow, was canceled due to the corona virus. It is not known how much time the customizers invested in the conversion. Ziller’s Garage also did not comment on the costs.


Without a doubt, the conversion of Ziller’s garage is more of a show bike than a motorcycle for everyday use. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, we didn’t want to withhold the great conversion of the Russian custom bike forge from you.

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