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VTR Customs

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VTR Customs

The angular shapes hardly make the basic model recognizable, Eddie 21 looks like a completely independent bike.

VTR Customs

The machine got its name from Eddie Lawson.

VTR Customs

The basis is unmistakably the large BMW boxer, in this case that of an R 1200 R..

VTR Customs

The stern was completely redesigned by hand.

VTR Customs

Eddie 21 started in the Essenza class sprint "BMW Boxer 4-valve" and made the 2nd place.

VTR Customs

The make-up mirror – a little gimmick just for the driver.

VTR Customs

The pilot was Amelie Mooseder. Eddie’s essential parts of the cockpit are on the tank.

VTR Customs

The starting number 21 is a central element in “Eddie’s” design.

VTR Customs

"Eddie" looks like "Danger Zone" too – at least quite aggressive.

VTR Customs

The rims were specially designed for the conversion, the start number is also present here.

VTR Customs

A converted BMW with influences from a Kawasaki Z 1000: This is Eddie 21 from VTR Customs.

VTR Customs

The conversion is currently for sale for 55,000 CHF, which is the equivalent of around 50,000 euros.

VTR Customs

The aluminum tank, airbox, aluminum rear and the aluminum start number plate are hand stamped.

VTR Customs

The noble exhaust from Kerker is pretty small …

VTR Customs

… but the diameter promises a grin on your face.

Eddie 21 from VTR Customs

R 1200 R conversion for 55,000 CHF

Content of

VTR Customs buttoned up a 2017 BMW R 1200 R. The result is a motorcycle like from another planet. Including make-up mirror. The machine changes hands for 55,000 Swiss francs. Eddie 21 made VTR second place in the 2017 Essenza Sprint on the Solitude racetrack in the BMW Boxer class. With this, she not only achieved the goal of being among the 16 Essenza nominees, but was also able to keep up with her predecessor. The VTR Customs Goodwood 12 also took second place in the Essenza Sprint in 2016. And even if VTR based its target on the 2016 bike, it was important for the builders to create a completely new bike, including a completely new design. And out came "Eddie".

Eddie Lawson’s bib number

But why this name? The naming leads back to the past: "We had all rebuilt our street Japanese in the 80s based on the model of Eddie Lawson’s superbike Kawa Z1000 – so it had to be called Eddie 21 (21 was his starting number).", so the customizers.

VTR Customs

The rev counter and speedometer are on Eddie’s tank.

Eddie 21 is based on a BMW R 1200 R, but should also have the look of the Z 1000. Just a lot more filigree than the Japanese. The BMW has tall superbike handlebars, a big start number – like Eddie back then, and various hand-made parts made of aluminum. This includes the tank and the airbox as well as the rear and the eye-catching start number plate.

In addition, the BMW is equipped with a titanium manifold and a silencer from UniT. The pilot sits on a special saddle from Yves Knobel, Feuder contributed the matt copper-olive paint, the wheels come from Kineo, with the rim color being specially made for Eddie.

Make-up mirror on board

For VTR, Eddie 21 is the second R 1200 R in the Essenza class. It was also driven by Amelie Mooseder, which is clearly noted on the tank. As a lucky charm, the pilot puts on lipstick before a sprint – hence the make-up mirror "Eddie".

The Essenza Sprint takes place as part of various events, for example during Glemseck 101 near Stuttgart. Both large manufacturers and private screwdrivers compete against each other to find out who sprints the fastest on the eighth mile.

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