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Bmw motorcycle

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Bmw motorcycle

Editor Tobias Beyl has tested the BMW R nineT / 5.

Bmw motorcycle

The fork bridges and footrests of the R nineT / 5 are made of forged anodized aluminum.

Bmw motorcycle

The driver takes a seat at a height of 825 millimeters.

Bmw motorcycle

The blue of the R nineT / 5 is a little stronger than that of the R 75/5 at the time.

Bmw motorcycle

The 1,170 cubic centimeter boxer of the nineT / 5 develops 110 hp.

Bmw motorcycle

Eye to eye – the R nineT / 5 combines the design of the R 75/5 with contemporary technology.

Bmw motorcycle

Country roads are the preferred area for the R nineT / 5.

Bmw motorcycle

The classic telescopic fork of the R nineT / 5 is also reminiscent of that time.

Bmw motorcycle

A tachometer is optional.

Bmw motorcycle

Axially struck brake calipers can still decelerate a lot today.

Bmw motorcycle

The bench of the / 5 surprised positively with good comfort.

Bmw motorcycle

Cardan shaft right, exhaust left – typical R nineT.

Bmw motorcycle

The R nineT / 5 is available from 14,600 euros.

BMW R nineT / 5 in the driving report

Optics 1969, technology 2019

BMW recently presented the R nineT / 5. Now the first test drive follows, which was particularly surprising because of the comfort of the special model.

W.Ice blue, if you will, the Bavarian national colors, determine the look of the new anniversary model of the R nineT. Just as they did with the ancestor in 1969, when BMW moved motorcycle production from Munich to Berlin-Spandau. Today, exactly 50 years later, the R nineT / 5 special model is to build on the success of the Stroke Five series that was launched back then – naturally technically mature and significantly more modern.

Puristic cockpit

Even though the engine of the R nineT / 5 is now nine years old, as with the other five model variants of the R nineT, BMW relies on the air-cooled boxer from the 2010 GS. Awakened to life with a clear left-hand spin, the horizontally installed boxer engine shakes a solid 110 hp via cardan shaft to the rear wheel, its ample torque impressed as expected during the test drives in the Taunus with pressure from every position.

Bmw motorcycle

Only an analog speedometer is standard – pure retro style.

This is precisely why the non-existent (but optionally available) rev counter will probably not be missed any more than a gear indicator. Instead, a single, analog speedometer with a small LCD unit to display the kilometers traveled, the engine temperature or the time is emblazoned in the center above the round headlights framed in black. The cockpit thus appears puristic, and in fact it is used in exactly the same form in the R nineT Pure model variant.

Seating comfort is convincing

The Strich-5 has a lot in common with this R nineT Pure: the wheelbase (1,493 millimeters), steering head angle (63.4 degrees) and caster (105.0 millimeters) are just as identical as the axially bolted Brembo brake calipers and the conventional 43 series -Telegabel – but now decorated with authentic bellows. The fork with its 125 millimeters of spring travel is not adjustable, but in combination with the active seating position it always provides a safe feeling for the ground. Even the spring strut with adjustable spring base and rebound damping reports quite unabashedly of any potholes in the standard setting; A new quilted and elegantly decorated bench now provides additional comfort in the / 5. It pleases with a sporty, active driving style as well as on longer tours or with a pillion passenger, its slim silhouette also allows even short stature to stand safely.

Bmw motorcycle

The bench of the / 5 surprised positively with good comfort.

Also in contrast to the Pure, but in line with the standard nineT, the new one rolls on 17-inch wire-spoke rims. The factory-assembled Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact gave a harmonious impression during the test drives, led the dash 5 straight ahead, reliably around the bend and without slipping out again even with a motivated hand on the throttle. And the whole thing with an always entertaining, but never overly intrusive soundscape – and a look that, together with the equipment upgrades, justifies the overload compared to the Pure. For example, it shares the polished rear silencer with the higher-priced R nineT, and the chrome-plated rear-view mirrors are a unique selling point for the new R nineT Dash-5. Despite the vibrations emanating from the combustion processes in the 1,170 cubic engine, the mirrors show a perfectly perceptible view back.

Many customization options

The BMW R nineT / 5 is a successful quote from the past, but at the same time it offers those interested the opportunity to customize the bike according to their own ideas. In addition, BMW offers numerous accessories, ranging from a brushed windshield and sports silencer to an alternative fork bridge with stub handlebars or a single bench seat. An anti-theft alarm system is also available as an optional extra.

Bmw motorcycle

Eye to eye – The R NineT / 5 combines the design of the R 75/5 with contemporary technology.

In the basic version for 14,600 euros, the Dash-5 already has the traction control, known as ASC, which has previously been subject to a surcharge, and is therefore between the price of the BMW R nineT Pure (from 12,450 euros) and the standard R nineT (from 15,350 euros) goal also more expensive than the other model variants R nineT Scrambler (from 13,150 euros), R nineT Urban G / S (from 13,150 euros) and R nineT Racer (from 13,450 euros).


Which variant of the BMW R nineT do you like best?

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R nineT / 5

R nineT

R nineT Pure

R nineT Racer

R nineT Scrambler

R nineT Urban G / S

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The new BMW R nineT / 5 is not only a more expensive R nineT Pure with a prettier look, it also successfully combines the differences between the cheaper Pure and the more expensive standard R nineT. Despite the very successful optical borrowings of the R 75/5 from 1969, it is a modern and above all powerful motorcycle that, despite its apparent retro attitude, also knows how to please as a sharp naked bike.

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