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Matteucci garage.

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Matteucci garage.

This conversion is called "Daboia" and was put on the wheels by the Italian customizers of Matteucci Garage.

Matteucci garage.

Originally the motorcycle is a BMW K75.

Matteucci garage.

But not much can be seen of the BMW sports tourer from the late 1980s.

Matteucci garage.

However, some components such as the tank were taken from the original.

Matteucci garage.

The rear is particularly well done.

Matteucci garage.

When it comes to tires, the customizers rely on the Metzeler Roadtec.

Matteucci garage.

The customizers do not reveal how long the conversion took.

Matteucci garage.

There is also no information on the costs.

BMW K75 "Daboia" Cafe Racer

Nice renovation by Matteucci Garage

With the "Daboia" Cafe Racer, the Italian customizers from Matteucci Garage have put a chic retro conversion based on the BMW K75 on the wheels.

NOTOnly very few people are likely to have recognized straight away which basic motorcycle is behind the conversion presented in this article. There really isn’t much left of the original BMW K75. The Italian customizers from Matteucci Garage have turned the BMW sports tourer into a cafe racer that is well worth seeing "Daboia" called. By the way, the term Daboia describes the snake genus of the oriental vipers. A fitting name for this successful conversion, as we think.

Self-made components meet original components

To the "Daboia" To put it on the wheels in the manner shown, it took a lot of time, creativity and partly self-made components. Some components such as the tank, the wheels and the radiator covers, on the other hand, come from the original K75, which saw the light of day towards the end of the 80s. In order to turn the sports tourer into a cafe racer, Matteucci Garage had to make a subframe. The heck of the "Daboia" was made by hand from aluminum. In keeping with the model name, the customizers tried to shape the tail a little like a snake’s head. Accordingly, the LED taillights should represent the shape of aggressively looking snake eyes.

Matteucci garage.

The stern should be reminiscent of the head of a viper.

The rear, including the seat cushion, which, by the way, was made of kudu leather, seems to hang freely above the rear wheel. For the spring elements, the Italian customizers rely on noble components from Öhlins; brakes on components from Brembo. A round LED headlight is used at the front. The Metzeler Roadtec is mounted on the rims. The exhaust comes from SC Project. The red and blue base coat is very eye-catching and successful. The rims were also repainted in a matching blue. The screwdrivers from Matteucci Garage even came up with something creative for the emblem. The BMW logo can still be seen, but instead of the BMW lettering, the name is now found in the outer ring "Matteucci garage" his place.

Incidentally, the Italian customizer does not reveal how much time the conversion took and how much money was invested. In any case, it is clear that "Daboia" Certainly not put on the wheels overnight.


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The BMW K75 "Daboia" by Matteucci Garage is a finely converted Cafe Racer that will probably not be seen a second time … it’s a shame!

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