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The Cezeta scooter returns as an electric version.


The scooter actually comes from the Czech Republic and was first produced in 1957.


When it comes to design, the manufacturer relies on old virtues.


The instruments are also based on the old classic.


A modern electric drive with two different performance variants is used for this.


Different driving modes can be selected by turning the handle.


Prices start at 13,000 euros.


Accessories such as a windshield can be added in the configurator.


Type 506 is available in ten different color variants. This one is called "Kremova".


Cezeta Type 506 ("Stribrna")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Cerna")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Cervena")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Cervena Kremova")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Modra")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Modra Kremova")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Zluta")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Turquoise")


Cezeta Type 506 ("Turkis Kremova")

Cezeta Type 506 electric scooter

Oldie returns electrified

With the Cezeta Type 506, a long-forgotten scooter from 1957 returns to the streets as an electric model. When it comes to optics, the Czech manufacturer continues to rely on the good old virtues.

D.he scooters from the Czech manufacturer Cezeta should only be known to real connoisseurs. From 1957 the manufacturer built a series of 175 cm³ scooters. At the beginning, the Cezeta had an output of 8 hp. The models from 1961 rolled onto the streets with 9.5 hp. In addition to the scooter, which became known under the designation "Type 501" and of which 120,000 units were sold according to the company’s own information, there was also a three-wheeled model. In addition, an offshoot of the scooter was manufactured in New Zealand, which had a displacement of 200 cm³ and became known as "N-Zeta". A good 60 years later, the scooter returns as an electrically powered model. The original company stopped manufacturing motorcycles and similar products in 1997. The Englishman Neil Eamonn Smith did not seem to want to admit this and founded his own company called Cezeta Motors near Prague in 2013, which has set itself the goal of reviving the oldie scooter.

Daring retro look meets modern engine

In particular, the rather daring look, which probably does not meet every taste, should be noticed first by observers. The electric version, which by the way can be recognized under the model name "Type 506", looks in principle almost the same as the old bikes from 1957. The 2019 Cezeta could be due to the bulky fairing and the not necessarily elegant but eye -catching design still find his fans. The Czech manufacturer tries to incorporate a lot of the feeling of the past few days into the new model. Accordingly, the instruments have been taken over from the oldie scooter, at least in terms of appearance.


Great price: The Cezeta scooter is available from 13,000 euros.

With the 15 hp electric motor, a top speed of up to 120 km / h should be possible. Cezeta specified at maximum range of 100 to 150 kilometers. The scooter is classified as a 125cc. There is also a second, somewhat weaker model variant, which should be up to 85 km / h and a maximum of 80 to 100 kilometers. In the less motorized version, a battery with a capacity of 4 kWh is used; the better motorized Cezeta has a capacity of 6 kWh. This is also noticeable in the weight. Without a battery, the vehicle should weigh 115 kilograms. Depending on the model, there are also 22 or 32 kilograms with a built-in battery. The driving mode can be selected on the left handle similar to a twist grip shift. Cezeta did not mention how the driving modes differ. The different driving modes are likely to differ from one another in terms of maximum range and maximum speed. There is also a reverse gear, which should help with maneuvering. Energy is also to be recovered via recuperation, thus increasing the range. The wheelbase is 1,340 mm. The Czech manufacturer specifies 780 mm for the seat height. The scooter is produced in Prostejov in the east of the Czech Republic.

Not necessarily a bargain

However, Cezeta is calling for a proud price for its new Type 506, which has been available since 2018. In the basic version, the electric scooter costs a whopping 13,000 euros. It is available in ten different colors. Additional accessories such as a windshield, Bluetooth loudspeaker or an alarm system can be added in the configurator. Finally, the question arises whether the new Cezeta scooter will also be available in Germany. There is currently no dealer for Germany on the manufacturer’s website. However, the manufacturer is currently looking for new partners for Berlin, Munich and Hamburg in the “dealer” area of ​​the homepage. In this respect, with a little luck, the new electric scooter from Cezeta could soon be seen on German streets. Incidentally, a weaker motorized model variant and a model variant limited to 100 units were offered as special models as early as 2016. In 2017, 600 copies of the Type 506 were produced.


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The Cezeta Type 506 should immediately attract attention due to its extraordinary appearance. The concept is interesting and definitely has potential. However, the relatively high price and the lack of sales in this country could put off interested parties.

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