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CBR 600 RR weight comparison

The youngest weight

Everything is fine with the new CBR 600 RR. Say the first and second impressions of different drivers, the measuring devices and the 1000-point evaluation. However, the Libra disagrees.

The incorruptible MOTORRAD scales bring it to light: the faces of the Honda-affine editors are a full 201 kilograms.

That can’t be true, since the competition like a new Yamaha YZF-R6 or a Kawasaki ZX-6R conjures up between 10 and 13 kilograms less on the display. So why, so the legitimate question, is the CBR 600 RR so heavy? Even heavier than the current 150 hp Fireblade from the same company.
Honda’s stated dry weight of 169 kilograms was still happy because it was on by with the competition. With the usual liquids, you would get around 190 kilograms of full tank.
Shortly before the editorial deadline, MOTORRAD quickly went looking for the extra pounds. At first glance, what is different about the CBR 600 RR from other super athletes? Two features immediately catch the eye: the raised exhaust system and the suspension strut mounted in the massive swing arm.
The swing arm of the 600 weighs together with the shock absorb and the deflection at least 12.7 kilograms. That is a significant 1.9 kilos extra weight compared to the 160 hp Suzuki GSX-R 1000, one of the most stable supersport machines. This suggests that the special articulation of the shock absorber is particularly heavy, but apart from a well-organized appearance and a technical reminiscence of the factory RC 211 V, it does not bring any technical advantages.
The long, elaborately laid, raised exhaust system also has a weight-inducing effect, which also has to be kept from melting or igniting its immediate surroundings by means of some heat shields. 10.6 kilograms hit the books, the system of the GSX-R 1000, including the control drum, weighs a record 6.3 kilograms. The price for the great design of the CBR 600 RR is clearly paid in kilograms. The system of its sister CBR 600 F, which weighs only 9.9 kilograms including the catalytic converter and lambda honest, also proves that it can be easier.
The fact that greater stability does not always have to weigh heavier is shown at least by the new fork with 45 mm stanchions. Since these are a little shorter than the F’s 43 fork and because the damping system has several aluminum parts, the RR component is even 300 grams lighter.
The new CBR 600 RR undercuts the 1000 Suzuki on one point: The main frame, which is now pulled down in the area of ​​the swing arm to absorb the forces of the suspension, is at least 100 grams lighter at 10860 grams. A comparison to the tame sister F, however, tarnishes the picture again. Their frame only weighs 9500 grams.
E.Amazingly, it is still not a problem in racing trim to reach the weight limit of 172 kilograms without petrol for the Supersport World Championship with the CBR 600 RR. The slightest suspicion remains that all the advantages of the CBR 600 RR, namely steering precision, driving stability and clear feedback, could be retained even with ten kilograms less and thus a real dry weight of 169 kilograms. Just like the Honda rivals do.

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