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At least in Germany, very few people know about the manufacturer Bullit Motorcycles.


The manufacturer, which is originally from Belgium, focuses primarily on the development of 125 cc.


There are four models in total. Two special models were recently launched.


Bullit motorcycles are currently not sold in Germany.


By the way, the bikes are made in China.


In addition to the 125 cc, there is also a 250 cm³ model.


Below we show which Bullit bikes are currently available.


Bullit Hero 125 (Color: Titanium Gray).


Bullit Hero 125 (Color: White Racing).


Bullit Hero 125 (Color: Gulf Oil Edition – special model).


Bullit Hunt 125 S (Color: Two Tone Black-Red).


Bullit Hunt 125 S (Color: Metallic Silver).


Bullit Hunt 125 S (Color: Gray Gold).


Bullit Hunt 125 S (Color: Black).


Bullit Hunt 125 S (Color: British Green).


Bullit Hunt 250 S (Color: Gray Gold).


Bullit Hunt 250 S (Color: Black).


Bullit Hunt 250 S (Color: Gray).


Bullit Hunt 250 S (Color: Twotone Black-Red).


Bullit Spirit 125 (Color: Green).


Bullit Spirit 125 (Color: Gold Black).


Bullit Spirit 125 (color: Gulf-Oil-Edition – special model).

Bullit Motorcycles – retro bikes with 125 and 250 cm³

Hero, Spirit, Hunt & Special models

With the models Hero 125, Hunt S 125, Hunt S 250 and Spirit 125, the Belgian manufacturer Bullit Motorcycles currently offers four bikes. In addition, two new special models were recently presented. So far, however, there is no distribution in Germany. heard of a motorcycle manufacturer called Bullit Motorcycles? No? Half as wild. In Germany, Bullit is largely unknown. Accordingly, there are no dealers in this country who offer Bullit motorcycles. The brand originated in Belgium. In contrast, the retro-look bikes are made in China.

While Bullit motorcycles are not sold in Germany, the situation is different in other European countries. Especially in some southern and western countries in Europe, there are plenty of dealers who sell models such as the Bullit Hero 125, Bullit Hunt S 125, Bullit Hunt S 250 and Bullit Spirit 125. Great Britain, France, Portugal, Holland and Belgium should be mentioned first. A few dealers are also said to be located in Norway, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, it should also be possible to get hold of Bullit motorcycles in some more exotic places in the world. The manufacturer’s website lists distributors in the Bermuda Islands, among other things.

There are a total of four bikes in the model range of the Belgian manufacturer, which we want to go into a little more precisely below. In addition, two special models were recently launched, which are mentioned at the end of this article.

Bullit hero 125

Technically, not much can be expected from Bullit bikes, at least if you take a look at the technical data sheet. In terms of optics, the rather cheap bikes leave a good impression. However, since we have not yet had the opportunity to move a Bullit motorcycle, a final judgment on the handling characteristics is not available.


The Bullit Hero 125 is available in two color variants. Here you can see the paint called "White Racing".

The Bullit Hero 125 is available in the two color variants "Titanium Gray" and "White Racing" available. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is € 2,999. The air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine, which was derived from the Suzuki GN 125, should generate just under 12 hp and meet the Euro4 standard.

ABS is not on board – CBS ensures compliance with the Euro4 standard. The manufacturer specifies 860 to 910 millimeters for the seat height. Tires from the Chinese manufacturer Kingstone have been installed. In terms of tire sizes, it was decided to use 18-inch front and 17-inch rear tires. Braking is carried out at the front by a 275 mm single disc.

Bullit Hunt S 125

Another model with 125 cm³ is the Bullit Hunt S 125. Compared to the Bullit Hero 125 just presented, it is a little cheaper. The Belgian manufacturer charges 2,499 euros for the Hunt.


The Bullit Hunt 125 S is available from 2,499 euros.

They are available in five different colors "Two tone black-red", "Metallic silver", "Black", "Gray gold" and "British Green". When it comes to the engine, there are no great differences to the Hero.

For the tires, the Hunt decided on the dimensions 110 / 70-17 at the front and 110 / 70-17 at the rear. The tire sizes are identical in the front and rear, which is rather untypical these days. How this exotic combination will feel on the street is another matter. The seat height is 780 mm. The manufacturer specifies 115 kilograms for the weight.

Bullit Hunt S 250

In principle, the Bullit Hunt S 250 is similar to the smaller 125cc sister. The biggest difference is undoubtedly the engine.


The Hunt S is also available with a larger engine. The focus of Bullit is still more on 125 cc.

The air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine with 250 cm³ in the larger Hunt is said to produce 20 hp at 7,500 rpm. Compared to the 125, the Hunt S 250 is available in four color variants; there are five different paint finishes on the 125. So buyers can choose between colors "Gray gold", "Black", "Twotone Black-Red" and "Gray" choose. The manufacturer does not provide any information on the price, at least on the official website. It is also questionable whether the 250 meets the Euro4 standard. The Bullit Hunt S 250 is available from various retailers from around 3,199 euros.

Bullit Spirit 125

What should not be missing in a model range from a manufacturer that focuses on retro bikes? Correct! A cafe racer. The Spirit 125 has the same engine as the 125 series from Bullit presented above. Otherwise, the Spirit 125 differs from the other two in a few ways, such as the tire size (110 / 70-17 front and 140 / 70-17 rear), the seat height (840 to 890 mm) and the brakes (275 single disc) 125s.


The Spirit is the third 125cc in the group.

The visual differences are immediately recognizable at first glance. The Spirit 125 is available on the official website of the manufacturer, at least according to the pictures, in two different color variants. In the key data, however, is only the paintwork "Green" enumerated, which suggests that the Spirit in model year 2019 is only available in one color variant. Questions also arise about the price stated on the website. In the recommended retail price, Bullit names a price between EUR 2,399 and EUR 2,799.

Gulf Oil special models for Spirit 125 and Hero 125

To conclude this article, there are two recently presented special models from Bullit. The two models Spirit 125 and Hero 125 will be available in a special paint scheme.


There will only be 250 copies of the Hero 125 Gulf Oil Edition.

On the other hand, only 150 copies of the special edition of the Bullit Spirit 125 are issued. Both 125cc are limited to a certain number of pieces. There will be a total of 250 copies of the Hero 125 in the so-called Gulf Oil Edition. In addition to the new light blue paintwork, the manufacturer has given the two special models some new parts. For example, the Hero 125 has studded tires. With the two new Gulf Oil models, Bullit would like to express the newly concluded cooperation with the two companies Mooof NV and Gulf Europe. The cooperation should result in further advantages in terms of sales. We are curious to see whether this will also have an impact on potential sales in Germany.

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