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DAB Motors

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DAB Motors

DAB Motors from Biarritz became famous for its conversions for the Yamaha Yard Built program.

DAB Motors

Now the French are offering their first own motorcycle.

DAB Motors

The DAB Motors LM-S is based on a Husqvarna 510.

DAB Motors

The machine comes in a supermoto style.

DAB Motors

However, the customer can largely configure the machine freely.

DAB Motors

They are available with or without ABs.

DAB Motors

The spring elements come from Kayaba or Öhlins.

DAB Motors

The overall equipment is very reduced.

DAB Motors

The customer has a fairly free choice of colors.

DAB Motors

The slim tank only holds 8 liters of fuel.

DAB Motors

The dry weight should be only 125 kilograms.

DAB Motors

The seat height of the single-seater is 90 centimeters.

DAB Motors

Coarse-tread tires can also be fitted as an option.

DAB Motors

The basic price for the LM-S is 16,900 euros.

DAB Motors

When the order is received, a deposit of EUR 1,000 is due.

DAB Motors LM-S

Super single based on Husqvarna

With the LM-S, DAB Motors from Biarritz has built an extremely reduced super single based on the Husqvarna 510. The single-cylinder machine is available from 16,900 euros.

D.he French manufacturer DAB Motors know insiders from Yamaha’s Yard Built program, for which DAB Motors has already supplied designs. DAB Motors is now launching its first own motorcycle – the LM-S, a single-cylinder bike in the supermoto style.

Playground for customer requests

The French make use of a tried and tested basis, as a large part of the technology comes from the Husqvarna 510. Only the motor, the frame and the 17-inch spoked wheels and the Brembo brake system on both wheels – at the front – are fixed on the LM-S 320 disc, rear with a 240 disc. ABS can be selected or deselected. Everything else can largely be adapted according to customer requirements. The 48 Kayaba USD fork can be replaced by an Öhlins MX 48 RXF fork. An Öhlins TTX shock absorber is available at the rear. For the tires, you can choose between coarse-treaded Conti TKC 80 or more finely profiled Pirelli MT 60 RS. But the DAB team can also put thoroughbred road tires on the rims on request. The tire sizes are always 120/70 at the front and 150/60 at the rear.

There is no alternative to the eight-liter tank, which, however, contributes to the dry weight of only 125 kilograms. Leaving out also helps here. The LM-S is only a single seater with a seat height of 900 millimeters. There is only a small xenon headlight under the front number plate, and an LED daytime running light in the number plate. Fenders can hardly be made out.

DAB Motors

The LM-S can be configured very individually.

You can put together your dream bike in the configurator on the DAB Motors website and have it displayed right away. The basic price is 16,900 euros, but depending on the configuration, around 22,000 euros are also possible. In any case, a deposit of EUR 1,000 is due upon receipt of the order.

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